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KRMA is a PBS affiliate located in Denver, Colorado. The station is now part of the statewide PBS affiliate "Rocky Mountain PBS".

1st ID (19??-1983)

Visuals: There is sections of the KRMA logo merge from two opposite vertical directions, divided into sky blue/lime per section. Pieces of it separate and get cut off, forming a bar below. A curtain vent effect reveals the KRMA logo. The bar splits into two pieces, not equal, and two flashes on each reveal "Denver · PRESENTS".

Trivia: This logo was modeled off of KRMA's locally used "six" logo, used from around this time until around 1999 or 2000.

Variant: A local videotaped variant has the same animation, but it has the "six" logo of the era. It was also remade.

Technique: Scanimate.

Audio: In the early years the logo was used, it had a 9-note orchestrated fanfare. Later, an upbeat horn fanfare.


  • Was spotted on some shows and documentaries of the time, such as Importance of Reading Skills and American Education Week, which can be viewed on American Archive of Public Broadcasting (plastering with the next logo).
  • It was spotted on the general VHS tape, like Importance of Reading Skills and Denver Top Stories.
  • DVD or VHS do not have the early fanfare, but it was seen on Field Trip to the Denver Zoo, which can be watched on American Archive of Public Broadcasting.

2nd ID (1983-1995)

Visuals: There is a live-action shot of the downtown Denver skylines at dusk. Suddenly, the picture flips down against a black background, and it leaves "KRMA", in an Impact font, on the screen. The letters zoom a bit forward and tilt counter-clockwise a bit, with the letters showing what look like moving clouds. The text, "TELEVISION - Denver", colored neon green, appears below the logo, and the screen fades out.

Trivia: See the previous logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synthesized note held down throughout, with some wind sounds in the background, as well as a "ricochet" sound.

Availability: Appeared on Spirit of Chautuaqua and House for All Seasons, among others. Was spotted on Our Centennial State (both episodes 1/2/3-4), which can be viewed on American Archive of Public Broadcasting.

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