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WCMU is a PBS member station located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. It is the flagship station of CMU Public Television.

1st Logo (2000s-2017)

Visuals: On a daylight footage with the ocean, there is a red "C" and inside of it, the word "WCMU" types in. Next to the "C", the curved text "CMU Public Broadcasting" appears. Then the word "Original Production" appears below.

Technique: Mostly 2D animation with live-action for the ocean background.

Audio: Some ocean sounds.

Availability: Seen on WCMU's programming during that time.

2nd Logo (2017-2022)

Visuals: On a zooming photo with the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge at sunrise, there are some clouds moving and forming the WCMU logo. This consist of the "WCMU" name with each letter enclosed in a square and by the text "PUBLIC MEDIA" placed below.

Technique: Live action.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Same as the previous logo.

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