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Canal+ Décalé (formerly known as Canal+ Bleu, then Canal+ Confort) was a premium timeshift channel part of Canal+'s offerings, launched in 1996 before shutting down in 2022.

As Canal+ Bleu, the channel mostly served as an additional choice to viewers, much like Canal+ Jaune. In contrast to Jaune's focus on cinema, Bleu was primarily oriented towards television shows and documentaries.

In 2003, as part of a revamp across Canal+'s channels, Canal+ Bleu took on the name Canal+ Confort. From that name change onward, the channel would act as a timeshift channel to the main Canal+ channel.

Two years later, in 2005, Canal+ Confort was renamed to Canal+ Décalé.

The channel's role as a timeshift channel hasn't changed since 2003. In later years, however, Canal+ Décalé began broadcasting a number of sport events. As such, the channel would take on unique names and brandings for the duration of the event in question. These include Canal+ Rio 2016 for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Canal+ Tennis for the Paris Masters. This culminates in 2019 with the launch of Canal+ Sport Week-end, broadcasting every weekend from 2019 to 2021, as its own channel on Canal+ Décalé.

With the increased focus on sport, Canal+ Décalé was replaced by Canal+ Sport 360 in 2022, covering any and all sport events along with news simulcasted with Infosport+.

Canal+ Bleu

Logo (1996-2003)

Visuals: Similar to the opening sequence of the 3rd Canal+ logo, with the border now colored blue. The original border can also be briefly seen before the first cut.

Closedown Sequence: The closedown variant, which is similar to the 3rd, except that it has a blue border around it and that in the transition from the horizontal black stripe to the gray bottom a blue screen becomes visible.

Variant: All intros before the program begins now use a blue border. However, during the first seconds of the sequence, when the screen flashes and the Canal+ logo fades in, the border is in its original color.

Technique: Same as the 3rd Canal+ logo.

Audio: Same as the 3rd Canal+ logo.

Availability: Archival websites have both the opening and closedown sequence along with a few intros.

Canal+ Confort


Visuals: Red and green squares move from the sides, while blue and yellow squares move from the top and bottom. The moment all 4 squares converge together, the Canal+ logo appears with orange and blue squares behind it. The background turns orange before cutting to orange and yellow squares moving from the left and the bottom, with the Canal+ logo once again appearing once they converge. The background then switches from white to black to orange in time with the last note.

Variant: A longer version exists that shows the full name of the channel, which plays out a little differently. The 4 initial squares appear one by one before converging like in the original sequence, with the Canal+ logo appearing. Duplicates of the squares appear around the logo, before they all fade besides the orange and yellow squares. The word "CONFORT" appears on the bottom of the orange square. 2 pairs of yellow and orange squares move in from the four sides of the screen, converging with the two squares in the middle similarly to the original sequence. The CANAL+ text flashes once, causing more squares to appear. The "CONFORT" text does the same. Both texts then flash together, causing the background to become black. The squares fade out first, leaving the CANAL+ CONFORT text in white which fades out shortly after.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The short version uses 3 descending xylophone notes, then a high-pitched one at the end. The long version reuses the short version's music at the beginning, before an orchestra gives a rousing note during the second half. Three 8-bit-like notes are then heard at the very end.

Availability: Archival websites only have the short version.

Canal+ Décalé

(March 5, 2005-2009)

Visuals: Similar to Canal +'s 4th logo. However, the squares are slightly deformed.

Variant: Much like Canal+'s other channels, this branding got updated slightly in 2008/2009 when the channels started broadcasting in 16/9.

Trivia: From this branding onwards, Canal+ Décalé's identity began to represent a visual pun with the channel's name and role. "Décalé" can be translated literally to either "Tilted" or "Shifted", representing the channel's role as a timeshift channel while the squares in this branding have tilted sides.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Similar to Canal+'s 4th logo, but slightly remixed. The 2005 leitmotif is an off-key version of the regular one while the 2008/2009 leitmotif uses 3 high-pitched piano notes to spell "DE-CA-LE" after the initial 3 notes.

Availability: Archival websites cover a part of the original version, whereas only the "Cinéma" sequence has been preserved for the 2008/2009 update.

Logo (2009-2022)

Visuals: Similar to Canal+'s 5th logo is footage from 4 separate screens. They are, however, slightly tilted to the left. At the end of the sequence, the + symbol is embedded on the angles of each screen near the center with the word "décalé" already in place to the right.

Trivia: Much like before, this branding is a visual pun on the channel's name and role. The idents themselves are tilted versions of Canal+'s own idents, further emphasizing Décalé's role as a timeshift channel to the main Canal+ channel.

Technique: Live-action and/or CGI.

Audio: A sort of beatbox theme with some xylophone thrown in. These are actually off-key remixes of the original music from their respective counterparts on Canal+.

Availability: Archival websites cover a large part of this branding, however.

Canal+ Sport Week-end


Visuals: There is silhouettes of people demonstrating their talent in various sports, along with neons tracing around a circuit. The +DECALE text from the 2009 branding appears in the same way as before, although the screen isn't split in four, before the DECALE text morphs into "SPORT", with the two Es of DECALE going down and morphing into "WEEK-END".

Technique: Live-action and CGI, inspired by Canal+ Sport.

Audio: See Canal+ Sport's 2015 branding. All music used for Canal+ Sport Week-End is repurposed from Canal+ Sport.

Trivia: While the majority of Sport Week-End's branding is based on Canal+ Sport, the commercial break bumpers use Canal+'s format with Canal+ Sport's soundtrack.

Availability: Archival websites cover a few idents and commercial break bumpers.

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