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WFSU-TV is a PBS affiliate located in Tallahassee, Florida and owned by Florida State University.

1st Logo (1977-1981)

Visuals: On a black background, a red line twirls in with a trail effect, giving off several copies. When it settles, the text "WFSU" is seen in place. A sky blue bar then appears and twirls with the same effect under it, forming "TALLAHASSEE". It then gets replaced with a yellow bar, doing the same thing as the previous bar but mirrored, forming "PRESENTS" in its place.

Technique: Trailing effects.

Audio: 3 sets of xylophone tunes, each in a different order and play when the lines twirl.

Availability: Seen on Watermarks and Dragons of Paradise.

2nd Logo (1981-1987)

Visuals: On a black background, a incomplete ring outline, with 2 "1"s at different heights sticking out of the ends on the bottom, trails along the middle of the screen, leaving a thick blue line. The line then rotates to the right, revealing the "11" again as it shortens and flashes, filling up with blue. A blue trail then swerves into view, revealing the text "WFSU-TV" with a white outline, which also retracts. It also flashes and fills with blue, while "TALLAHASSEE" in a small blue font is below it.

Technique: 2D animation from 80's standard.

Audio: A repeating set of synth beats which adjust in tone, followed by an ascending/descending synth "WAH!" sound, ending with a descending series of synth beats.

Availability: Can be found on episodes of Southern Circuits around the time period, which can be found on their YT channel.

3rd Logo (1987-1991)

Visuals: On a faded black/teal gradient background, a yellow 2D map of the state of Florida flips in, with a red star on it at Tallahassee's location, and a dark brown outline. At the same time, "WFSU TALLAHASSEE", in a dark red Helvetica font and italics, flips in and flies down, positioning beneath the map. At the end, the map comes into focus, and a whitish shadow is drawn around Florida.

Variant: A shortened variant exists.

Technique: Analog computer animation, specifically flipping effects.

Audio: Two synthesized "church bells" that "widen" into fuzzy synth notes (which is a preset off the Yamaha DX7 called "T.BL-EXPA").

Availability: This logo can be seen on old Body Electric and Southern Circuits episodes, as well as Tall Timbers Into The Light.

4th ID (1991-1998?)

Visuals: On a waving blue curtain background, the silver text "WFSU" is seen with an embossed effect, with white on the left edges and dark on the right edges. Below is the word "Tallahassee", also in silver, but in a different, non-embossed font.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: A deep note in the background, while an ascending synth bell tune plays until the logo fades out.

Availability: Seen on Energy: In the Long Run.

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