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KUHT is a PBS affiliate located in Houston, Texas. It signed on in 1953 as America's first public television station and, therefore, the first NET station (WNET wouldn't join it until September 1962). Circa 1989, KUHT discontinued the usage of its call sign on-air and instead introduced the moniker "Houston Public Television" (later "HoustonPBS" in 2001 and "Houston Public Media" since 2014).

1st ID (May 25, 1953-1975)

Visuals: In Venus Bold Extended, the words "KUHT FILM PRODUCTION" are shown on screen like this:



The words then flicker quickly or disappear.


  • On color films, the words "KUHT FILM PRODUCTION" are in yellow while the background is black.
  • A variant found in 1956 had "channel 8" in place of "FILM" and "HOUSTON" in place of "PRODUCTION".

Technique: A still printed image.

Audio: None.

Availability: Can be seen on the beginning and end prints of old programs from the University of Houston produced by KUHT Film Production prior to 1975.

2nd ID (1955)

Visuals: There is a grayish background with three variations of gray on each side. The word "CHANNEL" is seen in a white outlined box. Next to it is the number "8" on a ball facing right. The letters "KUHT" are positioned facing right in a three dimensional fashion. An arrow can be seen under the "8" ball and "KUHT". Below both of those is the word "HOUSTON" in a similar box to "CHANNEL".

Technique: A still printed image.

Audio: None.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

3rd ID (1956)

Visuals: Over a light gray background, the logo starts with the text:

K 8

in Futura in black.

Technique: A still printed image.

Audio: None.

4th ID (1956)

Visuals: Proceeding the 3rd logo, there is a dark gray background with a chalkboard with the word "KUHT" repeated on it three times. Next to the board is a white "8". Behind the "8" is a barely visible outline of a body with a college graduate hat and a stick, pointing to the chalkboard.

Technique: Fading effects.

Audio: There's an announcer, but no music.

Availability: This, like the 4th logo, may have been an ID.

5th ID (1957)

Visuals: KUHT's logo from the time is shown. This involves a "K" that has a college graduate hat on, circular eyes with no pupils, two ripples for a mouth, a bow tie, and what seems to be a teacher's pointer pointing at an "8". Beneath the "8" and next to the "K" is "UHT" in a smaller font. Afterwards, the logo fades out.

Technique: Fading effects.

Audio: An announcer says "The pioneer of American educational television, this is KUHT-TV Channel 8 in Houston".

Availability: It was seen before some programs as a station ID. The existence of the station ident is shown on Episode 3 of 100 Years of Houston: KUHT TV (1947-1957). Other than that, no-recorded on-screen footage of the logo is known to exist.

6th ID (September 2, 1975-1977)

Visuals: Over a black/opal background is 8 rectangles wiping from the top and bottom 3 times, with them switching positions. Then the rectangles then chase each other, confined to an invisible rounded rectangle shape, before they link together in 2 segmented circles. As the circles turn, they slowly move right as they get wider and wider, eventually morphing into a rope-like "8". "KUHT HOUSTON" then appears next to the "8".

Variants: There are two main variants.

  • A rare filmed variant with a plain blue background exists.
  • On Galveston: The Gilded Age of the Golden Aisle, Bishop's Place fades in front of the 8.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: A drum and brass ensemble with air effects and an announcer saying "This is a presentation of KUHT Houston."

Availability: Seen on Legacy in Sound: The Struggle, which can be found at the University of Houston's Digital Library (where the 1st, 5th, and 7th logos can also be seen). The earliest confirmed sighting was on September 2, 1975. The filmed variant was seen on The Real World of Economics.

7th ID (January 1978-1983)

Visuals: On a starfield is "KUHT" in a gold-outlined font, with "HOUSTON, TEXAS" below it, both rotating clockwise slowly and sparkling along the way.

Variant: Sometimes, it will have a black background and the animation is longer, have two copies, and both completely turn all the way.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: A space-like synth theme, sampled from the beginning of "Oxygene Part 1" by Jean Michel Jarre.

Audio Variant: The black background version uses a descending, dark synth tune with a clang halfway.

Availability: Seen on shows from the era, such as A Cronkite Perspective and Signing with Cindy. Its longer counterpart was seen on Confrontation at Hidalgo. Older prints should have this logo intact.

8th ID (Late 1970's-1980's)

Visuals: Set on a black background, a red silhouetted outline of the Houston skyline zooms toward the camera and wipes itself in over a blue grid that moves. When a star disappears, the "8" from the previous logo, now colored yellow, zooms out and spins itself to the left, while "KUHT" simultaneously zooms out to the center from the bottom left corner of the screen. When they settle in place, two sparkles can be seen simultaneously on the logo.

Variant: A blonde-haired female musician who is singing about KUHT.

Technique: Scanimate and motion-controlled animation.

Audio: Probably the opening theme, just like the 1979 auction they aired this on.

Availability: Used as a program intro tag back then.

9th ID (1983)

Visuals: Over a black background is a blue ribbon with some red and white stripes and a white circle with a blue outline in the middle. The ribbon reads "CELEBRATING" on the left and "30 YEARS" on the right. At the top, the circle reads "*KUHT*" and at the bottom, the text reads "*HOUSTON TEXAS*". Inside the ribbon circle, a bronze version of the "8" in the previous logos slowly rotates clockwise.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: An upward square wave synth scale that later decreases at the end.

Availability: It was used during their 30th anniversary as a closing bumper. Only three sources are known to exist.

10th ID (1983-Late 1988)

Visuals: The same logo from the 8th logo slides in from the top of the screen at a tilted position, then settles into place, a la Parade Video. Sparkles can be seen on the logo.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: A timpani drum roll.

Availability: Seen on old prints of shows from the era, such as 40,000 Window Panes.

Houston Public Media
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