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TVW-7 is the Perth station of the Seven Network. It was launched in 1958 and was the first commercial television license holder in Perth

1st ID (1997-1998)

Visuals: A series of stock shots of people outside in the city of perth play before we cut to the then-current 7 logo in cold on a red background. Finally, The words "Perth's home with Seven" appear below dissolve in one at a time.

Technique: Live action and CGI.

Audio: An upbeat jingle with the lyrics "Perth's home with Seven" performed by a group of singers.

2nd ID (2018-)

Visuals: There is a montage of stars from Seven Network shows on coloured background including news presenters and former Australian cricket captain turned commentator Ricky Ponting. Finally, the Seven logo appears on a white background and "Perth's Favourite" wipes in.

Technique: Live action and CGI

Audio: A modern, upbeat instrumental track.

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