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During 2014, STV launched two local channels (STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh). In 2017, both channels became "STV2", before shutting down in 2018.

ID (June 2, 2014-July 1, 2018)

Visuals: Mostly a recolored version of the STV ident at the time, being dark gray instead of blue. The picture montage is also different. When the STV logo is formed, the word "Glasgow" or "Edinburgh", depending of the location, is typed next to it.


  • For the children programming strand Wean's World, a special ident was used, with the montage showing different pictures of the programs. When the logo is formed, drawings of some stars and a rocket appear on a corner.
  • In 2017, following the rebranding, the ident was tweaked to show the number "2" next to the STV logo.
  • During Christmas of 2017, the effects of the STV Christmas ident at the time are used.
  • Also, in 2017, during STV's 60th Anniversary, another special ident was used. The montage shows different extracts of old programs of the main channel, with some of the older logos appearing during it. Then, it changes to a white BG, with the same logos appearing by order on the side of the screen. Finally, the STV2 logo is formed.

Technique: Same as the 2014 STV ident.

Audio: Same as the 2014 STV ident.

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