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Launched on 7 December 1998, ITV2 was promised to be a showcase for repeats of some of the best programs on ITV1, as well as having some exclusive new programs. As time moved on, it ultimately became more of a youth-oriented channel.

1st ID (7 December 1998-18 November 2001)

Visuals: There is some blurred footage, later revealed to be the point-of-view of an object. We then see a close-up of the object, which zooms back a couple times. The ITV2 logo at the time (a box with a glowing number 2 on top of the 1998 ITV logo) forms, and the slogan "a different view" circles the logo. The background blurs.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: Muffled sounds, then a Y2K-era techno theme.

2nd ID (19 November 2001-2003)

Visuals: There is a scene made out of words relating thereof. A yellow box with the number 2 in the Frutiger font is formed, and places itself on the right of a blue rectangle with a word relating to the scene. The 2 moves to the right of the rectangle, turning the rectangle into the 1998 ITV logo in the process. The URL itv.com forms itself on the bottom of the screen.

Variant: In 2002, the logo was made 3D to match the ITV1 logo at the time.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Sound effects relating to the scene (for example, rollercoaster sounds and screaming on the rollercoaster ident).

3rd ID (flip:side) (Summer 2003-15 January 2006)

Visuals: Unknown.

Technique: Unknown. Designed by BDA Creative.

Audio: Unknown.

4th ID (16 January 2006-19 August 2008)

Visuals: Unknown.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

5th ID (20 August 2008-13 January 2013)

Visuals: The 2006 ITV2 logo from before (this time in 3D and shown from an angle) forms up on the right side of the screen, while the ident plays behind it.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A computerised blip-like sound, followed by whatever music is playing in the ident.

6th ID (14 January 2013-11 August 2015)

Visuals: Unknown.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

7th ID (12 August 2015-15 November 2022)

Visuals: There is the 2013 ITV2 logo placed on the left side of the screen, as a random assortment of clips play in the background and the logo changes colour. Eventually, the ident will settle on one of the clips below.


  • Hammers: There is a wall of clocks in the background, before hammers fall from the left side of the screen, smashing into the clocks. The ITV2 logo is coloured red-orange.
  • Hot Dogs: There is lots of hot dogs laid across the floor, with two dogs in hot dog costumes walking around and sniffing the hot dogs. The ITV2 logo is coloured bright yellow.
  • Fans: Across a grey background is rows of fans with grey ties attached, blowing air out of them. The ITV2 logo is coloured a dark grey.
  • Tennis Balls: A sea of tennis balls moves around the screen slowly, with one shuttlecock placed in the middle of it. The ITV2 logo is white.
  • Tea and Biscuits: On a picnic table is lots of tea cups placed on plates with spoons. Lots of biscuits rain from above, splashing tea everywhere. The ITV2 logo is coloured beige-white.
  • Rock: There is lots of sticks of 'rock', a type of hard candy found mostly in the UK, rolling around and tumbling across the screen. The ITV2 logo is coloured teal.
  • Jam: Across a pink floor is lots of jam jars spinning in place and moving across the screen as if they were cars in a traffic jam. The ITV2 logo is coloured pinkish-white.
  • Bags: Over a light blue background, the logo starts with lots of plastic bags with either pink stripes or blue stripes blowing through the air. The ITV2 logo is coloured light blue.
  • Bowling: There is a conveyor filled with lots of bowling pins, and a singular bowling ball rolling along. The ITV2 logo is white.
  • Mashed Potatoes: Across a light blue floor is bowls full of mashed potatoes, each with a firework stick placed inside of them. Occasionally, one of the fireworks will explode. The ITV2 logo is coloured blue.
  • Toasters: A sea of pink toasters can be seen, with toasted sandwiches full of ingredients popping out and being launched across the screen. The ITV2 logo is coloured pinkish-white.
  • Wellies: There is lots of wellies (Wellingtons, aka boots) and jellies, wobbling across a pink floor. The ITV2 logo is coloured a reddish-pink.
  • Flippers: Across a tiled floor is lots of green and blue flippers, jumping across the floor. The ITV2 logo is coloured blue.
  • Lifebelts: Across a sea of microwaves moving up and down to simulate waves, there are two lifebelts 'floating' on top. The ITV2 logo is coloured a light grey.

Technique: A variation of CGI and live action elements, created by ManvsMachine for ITV Creative. These idents use a randomly generated compilation of clips, with over 300,000 potential combinations.

Audio: Unknown.

8th ID (15 November 2022-)

Visuals: On a static background, a hot pink 2 appears, which zooms out into the centre of the screen. The background then pans to the right, causing the 2 to create a streaking effect across the screen as if it was being stretched out. As the camera comes to a stop, the 2 stretches back to its original shape on the left side of the screen and the 2013 ITV logo fades in to the left.


  • Cityscape: Across the city at night, some buildings begin to unfold, taking on the shape of a humanoid robot. Various spotlights flicker on and point at the robot, who flinches and then folds back into a regular shape on the ground.
  • Rural: A small festival setup is seen, with colourful flags, barrels and various people walking around. In the background, a man dressed in a poo costume can be seen trying to open various multicoloured portable toilets.
  • Train Station: A train is seen parked in the station, with a colourful mosaic of animated artwork on the side of it. As a person steps onto the train, a rainbow trail spreads across the concrete and the doors close.
  • Seaside: As a man walks across the boardwalk eating a cone of chips, various people in seagull costumes stare at him and slowly begin to approach as the man looks confused.
  • Cafe: A group of people wearing elaborate costumes with colourful makeup are seen playing table tennis.

Technique: Live-action combined with computer effects, created by DixonBaxi.

Audio: Depends on the ident, composed by Echoic Audio.

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