Disney's One Saturday Morning

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Disney's One Saturday Morning was a Saturday morning block that was first aired on September 13, 1997. It was later renamed to ABC Kids on September 14, 2002.

1st Ident (September 13, 1997-2000)

Note: This ID can be seen here.

Visuals: On a white background with a yellow cloud, there is a red firework explode. Afterwards, the screen cuts to the Disney's One Saturday Morning logo, which is a green number "1" with four windows, a yellow door, blue squiggly lines and a yellow flag with "Disney's" on it. Under the "1" is a blue ABC logo (similar to the one used later when the block was called ABC Kids) and to the right of the "1" is the multicolored "Saturday Morning" with lines around the "O" like a sun. The "1" has confetti, bubbles, horns, more fireworks and party blowers coming out of the windows.

Variants: There are many pre and post commercial break idents, including the following:

  • On a blue background with pieces of the same color that make an outline of a "1" and two white halves of the same "1" and the Disney's One Saturday Morning logo with purple and yellow polka-dots and a red door on the "1" with the white pieces scrambled around, multiple hands put it back together. After the logo is fixed, "We'll Be Right Back" zooms in.
  • On a teal background with the same pieces with all pieces scrambled around with the Disney's One Saturday Morning logo with the "1" having dark green and red polka-dots, and a yellow door, six hands put it back together. After the logo is fixed, "Welcome Back" zooms out.
  • On a yellow background with the pieces put together, a hand stamps the logo with red with yellow stripes and a purple door on the "1". "We'll Be Right Back" fades in.
  • On a dodger blue background with the outline pieces, a hand peels the part where the "1" is supposed to go and reveals the "1" with the logo with a pink and purple swirl and a yellow door. "Welcome Back" fades in.
  • Starting in 1998, different idents were made. The new idents served similar purposes as the ones that they replaced, and typically involved the logo coming together in some way.

Technique: Digitally-colored hand-drawn animation.

Audio: Playful music leading up to a 6-note jingle with matching sound effects. A male voiceover may say one of the following:

  • "We'll be right back."
  • "Welcome back."
  • "We'll be right back to Disney's One Saturday Morning."
  • "Welcome back to Disney's One Saturday Morning."
  • "And now, these messages."
  • "You're watching ABC."

Availability: The original idents was used from the block's launch to sometime in 1998. The 1998 idents were used from there until the next debuted.

2nd Ident (2000-September 7, 2002)

Visuals: There is a redesigned "1", which is in a different color in each ID, doing a activity with some live-action people. The end with a background that changes depending on the ID falling and covering up the live-action footage. The "1" gets into position in a redesigned One Saturday Morning logo, with the ABC logo serving as the "O" in "Morning" and the cloud in differing colors depending on the ID. The "Disney's" flag emerges from the "1".

Technique: Live-action mixed with hand-drawn animation and CGI.

Audio: Some music that leads into a electric guitar version of the theme from the previous ID. We also hear sound effects corresponding to the actions on-screen and an voiceover saying "You're watching ABC."

Availability: These were used until the block became ABC Kids. They were typically used before and after commercial breaks.

Disney's One Saturday Morning
ABC Kids
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