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AIMS Multimedia was the successor company to AIMS Media, renaming itself in 1992 to reflect its expansion to other mediums, like video games. It was acquired by Discovery Education in 2004.

Logo (1992-2004)

Visuals: On a cloudy sky background, a oval shape flies in from the left of the screen as it rotates to fact it. It heavily resembles the AIMS Media's own oval, but the text "MULTIMEDIA" in yellow is seen on the bottom of it. Then, one-by-one, the large stone text "AIMS" zoom out into the oval in-sync with the music. Finally, a large flash appears over the gap in the oval, revealing a large, shiny apple dotting the "I". The end result looks similar to the AIMS Media logo, and is slightly tilted to the left.


  • At the end of the programs, the print logo, which heavily resembles the AIMS logo, is seen with "Distributed By" on top and their phone number and URL below. All of this takes place on a smoky background.
  • On video games from them, the logo is on a black background and is formed in a similar fashion to the 2nd AIMS Media logo, but with more modern and flashy lights, and having "MULTIMEDIA" flash in below in white. The apple shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A soft woodwind piece plays as its amplified by 2 French horn notes. Following this, 4 timpani beats play as the letters settle, before finishing it off with a triumphant fanfare when the apple appears. The video game logo has a more "tribal-like beat" tune with a repeating synth bell.

Availability: It can be seen on old educational videos; it could be found on VHS tapes of the programs, as well as certain titles from the company available on Discovery Education.

  • Examples would be the Spacefiles series and The Teen Files from 1998 to 2000, as well as The Sneeze: How Germs Are Spread.
  • The video game variant is said to appear on McGruff Files: Dangerous Strangers and Reading with Petter Cottontail: The Story of Mrs. Quack, both for PC.
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