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Midway Sports was the sports video game division of Midway Games. From 2005 onward, future sports games were just released under the regular Midway brand.

Logo (February 7, 2002-June 21, 2004)

Visuals: On a black background, many flame-like comets (possibly representing Midway's "On Fire" identity) fly away from the screen while doing loops, twists, and zigzags. They then spin around to form the Midway logo (including a refined arched "M" in 3D with a metal outline), surrounded by a white-outlined black-colored parallelogram with the sides of it lumped by the arch, with the "MIDWAY" text on the top-left of it and a small part of the parallelogram with the text "SPORTS" in a Spider-Man movie-like font underneath. Right after the logo appears from the flame comets, another flame comet fly past underneath the logo, causing the words "IGNITE YOUR GAME" zoom out one-by-one, as the logo shines for a while.

Trivia: "IGNITE YOUR GAME" was the slogan for the Midway Sports brand.


  • An early variant exists on MLB SlugFest 20-03, where the logo is animated differently. The comet also reveals the slogan below instead.
  • On GBA games, the logo is still, and it can be either of these:
    • NFL Blitz 20-03 and NHL Hitz 20-03: The logo is set on a black background. On the latter, it also has a glowing light behind it.
    • MLB SlugFest 20-04: The logo is set on a white background, and a trademark symbol is seen on the bottom-right corner of the logo.
  • Most games have the logo in-credit, before/after the animated logo plays.
    • On some games, including NHL Hitz 20-03, the words "A MIDWAY SPORTS PRODUCTION" are placed below the logo.
    • On MLB SlugFest 20-03 and MLB SlugFest 20-04, the logo is a horizontal lock-up, with "SPORTS" beside "MIDWAY" and said logo.
  • On NFL Blitz Pro, the transparent logo becomes the background for the memory card checking screen after the logo is complete, which later turns normal and switches off in a TV turn-off effect, segueing into the copyright notice screen.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A series of whooshes as the comets fly, a bass blast when the logo is formed, and then one more whoosh sound.

Audio Variant: For the still version, either none (NFL Blitz 20-03 and MLB SlugFest 20-04) or the opening theme of the game (NHL Hitz 20-03).

Availability: Seen on all Midway Sports titles from the period on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Game Boy Advance, such as their NFL Blitz and MLB SlugFest games.

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