Warner Bros. Club Famille

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Logo (1993-1999)

Visuals: Same as the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo, but it takes place on a white background and the banner now reads "CLUB FAMILLE". Bugs does his usual pose while "CLUB" and "FAMILLE" stretch out above and below the logo respectively.

Variant: A version with the sky background from the American logo exists. The "CLUB" and "FAMILLE" text are absent and the byline "UNE SOCIÉTÉ DE TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT" can be seen below.

Technique: Traditional animation mixed with computer effects.

Audio: The Warner Bros. Family Entertainment fanfare.

Availability: Was spotted on WB Family Entertainment releases in France. One of them is a 1999 VHS of The Iron Giant.

Legacy: Before 1999, WBCF used translated versions of the early 1993 and 1993-2001 logos.

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