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Motion Pictures for Television (MPTV) was an early television syndication company, founded in 1951 by former Universal executive Matty Fox as a merger between the first incarnation of Associated Artists Productions and Flamingo Television. It's probably best known now for having commissioned and produced The Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves. It syndicated some Monogram Pictures to TV, and also had close ties to fellow syndicator Guild Films, which Fox sold it to in 1955.Guild filed for bankruptcy in 1961; they were then acquired by Seven Arts Productions, and eventually folded into Warner Bros. Television; Superman is held by Warner Bros., while the rest of MPTV's output has either found other distributors over the years, is in the public domain, or has been lost. The rump company left after the sale to Guild, Western Television, was merged into C&C Television in 1958.

1st Logo (1954-????)

Visuals: We see the text "MOTION PICTURES FOR TELEVISION RELEASE". Between the words "FOR" and "TELEVISION RELEASE", we see a oblong oval. Inside the oval in a caligraphy type italics is "mptv". By the lower right of the logo is the abbreviation "INC".

Technique: None.

Audio: The opening or ending theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on public domain prints of the TV shows Flash Gordon and Sherlock Holmes.

2nd Logo (1954-????)

Visuals: We see a sky with clouds and searchlights. Near the top is an oblong oval with the text "mptv" in caligraphy type printing. Below this in all capital letters are the words "A MOTION PICTURES FOR TELEVISION". Below this is the word "Release".

Technique: None.

Audio: None.

Availability: Appears on Janet Dean, Registered Nurse.

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