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Cartoon Network On Demand is a video on demand service on cable and satellite providers which launched in 2002.

1st Logo (2006-2008)

Visuals: Over a white background, the logo starts with the 2004 Cartoon Network logo pop out of the background. Below it, the word "on demand" types in. A line is then formed between the logo and text, the Cartoon Network logo pulses a cyan color, and the text turns black. Lastly, the entire logo shines.


  • For the end of VOD programs, a short version is used. Here, the logo is pushed further away than usual.
  • During the Fall era, two (known) variants existed: one with an abstract ocean environment, and one with an amusement park setting.

Technique: 2D animation. The Fall era variants were designed by Shilo Designs.

Audio: A long-held choir note, with a series of synth notes following it.

Availability: It was seen before and after programs from Cartoon Network during the era.

2nd Logo (2008-2010)

Visuals: On a grey background, the last logo's animation plays out, but when the text appears, a trail of rainbow blocks (the same one used in the era's sign-on bumper) appears below it. A nood later jumps on the left side of the trail, and then jumps out of it.

Technique: CGI by Capacity.

Audio: The music used by Cartoon Network at the time, as well as a narrator (Will Arnett) saying "You're watching Cartoon Network On Demand" or "This is Cartoon Network On Demand".

Availability: Same as before.

3rd Logo (2010-2011?)

Visuals: Unknown.

Technique: CGI by Brand New School.

Audio: The music used by Cartoon Network at the time, as well as Nick Kocher and/or Brian McElhaney saying "You're watching Cartoon Network On Demand", "Cartoon Network On Demand will return" or "Now back to Cartoon Network On Demand".

Availability: Same as before.

4th Logo (2011-2016)

Visuals: Over a grey background, the logo starts with the 2010 Cartoon Network logo, with the words "ON DEMAND" below it slowly changing colors. A black rectangle flips around to the side of the screen with white and multicolored trails, and the following text appears in it:



Trivia: If one looks closely, the Cartoon Network logo is actually seen above a grey rectangle, which is poorly plastering what appears to be the 2004 logo.

Variant: Starting in the mid-early 2010's, the logo was reworked to fit widescreen. Here, the grey rectangle used to plaster the 2004 logo is now removed, "ON DEMAND" is slightly smaller, and the text now uses a different font.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: "Martinique Was My Girl" by Prefuse 73.

Availability: Same as before.

5th Logo (2013-)

Visuals: On a white background, there is a black square, more towards the right of the center. Then, a second black square comes in from the left of the screen by rotating twice and then sliding over to the right, next to the existing square. The square on the left then bumps up three times, before both start moving more. The squares first move closer to each other near the same spots before the left square flies into the top right corner. It then collides with the right square as the colors invert. The square then turn into smaller pieces which appear to be blocks, which zoom out before forming into the 2010 Cartoon Network logo, which is on a black background.

Variant: A shortened variant exists, which has the second square only bump once, before the logo continues as usual.

Technique: Same as the last logo.

Audio: Three drum sounds when the square moves in, followed by a whoosh. Then three bumping sounds, with the last being more louder. Then we hear a version of the Cartoon Network jingle of the time, accompanied by a synth note and another whoosh, which sounds different than the first.

Audio Variant: The shortened variant has the music play in a higher pitch, and the extra bump sounds are removed, leaving just the louder of the three remaining.

Availability: The shortened version is still seen before Cartoon Network shows on Hulu. The original variant was originally seen on Netflix prints of Cartoon Network shows.

6th Logo (2016-)

Visuals: Unknown.

Technique: Computer animation and stop-motion animation by Bent Design Lab and Troika Design Group.

Audio: The music used by Cartoon Network during this time.

Availability: Seen during Cartoon Network shows on VOD.

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