Midway Studios Newcastle

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Midway Studios Newcastle was formed in 1996 when Pitbull Syndicate was purchased by Midway Games. After the parent company went bankrupt in 2009, the studio in Newcastle was dismissed. Several of its employees then created Pitbull Studio, preserving the name.

Logo (2008-24 March 2009)

Visuals: The camera moves near a two-layered holographic wall consisting of Midway-licensed franchises. The Midway logo appears over it, with "NEWCASTLE" written below. It then flashes into the High Definition Gaming icon on a black background, which zooms out quickly and shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A fast-paced action-packed tune followed by car engine sounds, police sirens, car revving noises. A car crashing sound is heard when the logo transitions into the High Definition Gaming icon, before another car revving sound is heard.

Availability: Appears only on The Wheelman and its trailers.

Pitbull Syndicate
Midway Studios Newcastle
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