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1st ID (1983-1986)

Visuals: On a black space background, there is a satellite shaped like Mickey Mouse's head emerging from the left of the screen. As it moves to the right, a trail of blue stars follow behind the satellite, eventually covering the screen and fading to reveal The Disney Channel logo in teal with the words "THE DISNEY CHANNEL" in Handel Gothic emerging underneath and shining along with the logo itself.


  • A slightly longer version exists with a violin stinger at the start, before the rest of the logo plays normally.
  • There's a short version which omits the part with the Mickey satellite and Jerry Bishop's voice at the end.
  • A Spanish version exists where the logo says "EL CANAL DISNEY" and has a different announcer. This version was only seen on Spanish versions of Disney Channel VHS tapes.

Trivia: The Mickey Mouse satellite prop used in the ID makes a cameo appearance in the 1988 film The Wizard of Speed and Time, which Mike Jittlov worked on.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: A short orchestral/disco rendition of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" from Song of the South with the voice of Jerry Bishop saying "The Disney Channel.".

Availability: It was last seen on The Disney Channel regularly in 1986, but it was seen briefly in 1988.

2nd ID (1983-1996)

Visuals: There is Donald Duck in the living room watching "Mickey Mouse Club" on television. Suddenly, the television turns into a present. After Donald opens the present, something crazy happens. No obvious logo or company name for the Disney Channel is shown.


  • Disney Characters: Donald Duck gets run over by Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pete, and Scrooge McDuck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
  • Train (Casey Jr.?): Donald sees a train light as the train whistles. Then, Donald closes the present, causing the train to crash into pieces.
  • Ajax the Gorilla: Ajax The Gorilla (from the 1944 cartoon, "Donald Duck and the Gorilla") scares Donald Duck. Then Donald Duck covered Ajax back into the present and faints.
  • The Reluctant Dragon: The Dragon (from The Reluctant Dragon) burns Donald with his fire, leaving Donald as a pile of ash.
  • Peco Bill's Horse: The horse (from Melody Time) kisses Donald and it makes Donald hopping mad.
  • Alien: Donald opens the present and sees an alien playing an instrument, scaring him.

Technique: Traditional animation from Rick Reinert Productions.

Audio: An accordion/saxophone score for the intro. The ending gag depends on the variant.

Availability: It was last seen on The Disney Channel in 1996.

Legacy: The variants are based on the old Donald Duck hitting the gong gag from the Mickey Mouse Club series.

3rd ID (1986-1997)

Visuals: There are many different versions, they involve Mickey (only his hands are shown) doing many different things.



  • Window: Mickey wipes his hand on a fogged-up window, forming the Disney logo. Five variants were made:
    • Window (Train) - The screen passes through a mountain view and level crossing on a train ride.
    • Window (City) - There is a city landscape, with cars blocking each other.
    • Window (Underwater) - A fish in underwater clothing points his head through the logo, and swims away.
    • Window (Mountain) - There is a Mountain view.
    • Window (Outer Space) - There is a an overview of earth.
  • Upside Down: There is an upside-down Disney Channel logo. Mickey then hits the table which sends the logo flying, which then comes back the right way up, piece by piece.
  • Locket: Mickey gives Minnie some gifts including a birthday cupcake and some flowers. He then gives her a locket which has the Disney Channel logo inside.
  • Hats: Mickey puts many hats on a silver ball, ending up with a Mickey Ears hat such as those sold at various Disney Parks. Mickey spray paints the hat silver to match the ball, and tilts the hat the right way to form the Disney logo.
  • Magic Tricks: Mickey takes out a disc, which expands into a magic hat. He magically picks out some flowers from the hat and turns them into small balls, then a deck of cards, before making them disappear, and finally, he summons a handkerchief with the Disney Channel logo on it.
  • Door: There is Mickey's hand opening some doors. Then, Mickey opens the last door, revealing the Disney Channel logo. Realizing the logo is another door, Mickey pulls the door's handle.
  • Maze: Mickey adds toy soldiers in a maze, one of them gets stuck, and the maze is shown to be the Disney Channel logo.
  • Shadow: Mickey makes various shadows on a circle-shaped light, he then makes a Mickey-shaped shadow, and Mickey stretches the light, revealing the Disney Logo.
  • Water: Mickey pours some water into a square-shaped jug, revealing the Disney logo. The jug leaks a bit, however.
  • Printing: Mickey's hands draw a line, and a printing machine that stamps the line. Mickey traces his hand, which turns over the line to reveal a Disney Channel logo.
  • Stamp: Mickey opens some ink, puts a stamp on it, and stamps the screen with the Disney logo on it. Mickey sometimes remarks sarcastically, "Stamp out boredom. Watch the Disney Channel!"
  • Jungle: There is Mickey's hands peering through a jungle, revealing some flowers, a parrot, monkeys, and a tiger. Then he reveals an Aztec temple with the Disney logo on it.
  • Handprints: Mickey draws the Disney Channel logo on a wet concrete surface, while the cameramen takes pictures of him. He then prints his hands and dusts the concrete off once he's done.
  • Mountain: Mickey carves some stone, which causes a large crack to destroy a mountain boulder, which has the Disney Channel logo behind it.
  • Video Game: There is Mickey playing a 16-bit Mickey Mouse game, then it reveals The Disney Channel logo. (This logo was only used on November 18, 1993, for the release of Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse).
  • Attic: Mickey goes up in an attic and finds a chest containing treasure and a film canister with the words "Disney Channel Discovery" on it.


  • Flipbook: Mickey makes a flipbook showing a stick figure flying a plane. It then turns into an animation of the plane evolving into different flying vehicles and then eventually ends at a UFO which has the Disney Channel logo on it, then it cuts to the final page of the flipbook showing the Disney Channel logo.
  • Teleportation Machine: Mickey is testing his teleportation machine by transporting Mickey Mouse ear hats. The first few tries have the hats transported, but they have gotten messed up. During the last try, a bee (animated in CGI) flies into the teleportation device, forming a bee-Mickey Mouse ear hat hybrid (showing the Disney Channel logo). The hybrid then flies to the screen.
  • Jigsaw: Mickey completes a jigsaw puzzle. As soon as it is finished, Mickey cuts 3 holes in it, forming the Disney Channel logo.
  • Mickey's Garden: Mickey grows some flower seeds and then waters them. The flowers then form the Disney Channel logo. Mickey picks one of the flowers off.
  • Record Player: Mickey is testing out some records on a record player (one of which plays "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" and the other plays "Tosca"). Eventually, he grabs one shaped like himself which plays the Disney Channel jingle. Mickey then turns off the record player, which forms the logo.
  • UFO: Mickey goes outside and notices something, he turns on the flashlight to spot for something, then we eventually pan up to the sky revealing that is a UFO, with the two circles join into either side of it and bright circles appear as the lines, forming the Disney Channel logo.
  • Time Machine: Mickey plays in a time machine and accidentally sends himself to the stone age. There is some men carving stone, where the Disney Channel logo rises up.
  • Washington D.C.: Mickey tours Washington D.C. through a map. He eventually ends up at a section in which the map displays the Disney Channel logo, which turns out to be a building with the logo on it.
  • Mickey's Scary Ride: Mickey goes on a haunted ride and goes through a door bearing the logo. 2 versions of this ident were made, one with just Mickey, and the other with Minnie Mouse as well.
  • Carnival: Mickey and Minnie are at a carnival, playing a midway game. Mickey fails at hitting the cans, while Minnie hits them and gains a soft toy with the Disney Channel logo on.
  • Mickey's Grand Prize: Mickey looks through some mail and opens one to reveal another envelope. He then opens it to reveal a present and rummages in there. He takes out some pamphlets and finds a flyer and a token to place onto it. The words "YOU" and WON" flash and the flyer floats up as it burns, then a package drops down and Mickey opens it for his grand prize: a pot-holder with the Disney Channel logo emblazoned on it, which he soon throw away.
  • Dot-to-Dot: Mickey does a Dot-to-Dot drawing, which is of the Disney Channel logo.
  • Train Set: Mickey builds a train set that forms the logo. Mickey then makes the train whistle.
  • Waterskiing: Mickey simulates himself waterskiing using a projector and some old black-and-white film. Eventually, Mickey flies off and the footage shows the Disney Channel logo surfboarding. The film then stops and collapses.
  • Mickey's Driving Scene: Mickey drives along on the open road and sees road signs, where a person and some arrows cross the road. Then, Mickey sees a sign with the Disney Channel logo and soon finds himself behind a truck that throws tomatoes onto his car window. The wipers then form the line with 2 more tomato splodges forming the Disney Channel logo.
  • Film Noir: In a black-and-white film sequence spoofing a typical film noir, a drowsing agent arrives in Detective Mickey's office to deliver him a strange object wrapped in paper. Mickey then unwraps the paper to reveal an eagle statue, while the agent collapses as Mickey opens the statue's head to pour coffee into a mug, which was turned to the other side to show the Disney Channel logo on it.
  • Blocks: Mickey is having trouble adding wooden blocks to the Disney logo, so he turns them into circles, which fit into the logo. Mickey sometimes says "A Chip off the Old Block" after that.
  • Photo Booth: Mickey goes to a photo booth and tries to hold items with the camera going off as he holds them, the end result being set on a striped white cloth with Mickey's face (albeit being entirely black).
  • Grocery Store: Mickey is at a grocery store. He grabs a TV dinner set. He blows off the frost to reveal the 3 circle-shaped contents, resembling the Disney logo.
  • Workout: Mickey works out at a gym. He drops the barbells to the floor and they fall through, leaving big holes in the shape of a Mickey icon.
  • Paper: Mickey folds some paper and then cuts a bit of it, forming the Disney logo. Mickey sometimes remarks "Don't cut any corners".
  • Mickey's Film Countdown: A countdown happens, then Mickey stops the regular countdown and replaces it with a Mickey icon. The countdown then continues.
  • Paint: Mickey mixes up some paint, which turns into the Disney logo.
  • Musical Baby Mobile: Mickey tries to calm a whining baby down. He tries a blue teddy bear, a rattle and a baby bottle and then winds up the mobile, which forms the Disney logo and plays the music box version of the Disney Channel ID. We then see the Disney Channel logo formed by the baby's spinning mobile.
  • Microscope: Mickey prepares to check some cells under the microscope. One of the cells form the Mickey icon behind a series of lines on the lens, forming the Disney Channel logo.
  • Clothing: Mickey goes into the closet and gets rid of old clothing, then sort clothing in the drawer and brings in a sweater with The Disney Channel logo.
  • Clay: There is Mickey's hand mixing some balls of clay. Mickey rolls the balls with a rolling pin, eventually revealing the Disney logo as a play mat.
  • TV: Mickey makes a TV out of cardboard, which really works and shows the Disney logo on its screen.
  • Pancake: There is Mickey's hand pouring pancake batter. He flips the batter three times, and then it flies onto a plate, forming the Disney logo. He then puts syrup on it.
  • Mickey's Nightmare: Mickey winds up his alarm clock and goes back to sleep. His nightmare shows his glove as a human walking and being chased by a ghost (which later turns into the Disney logo), then we cut to the squares showing several clips of others and later that, the clones of other Mickeys (in 2D) appear and the clips fade out, then the ghost gets closer to the glove and it flies away, after his nightmare, his alarm clock rings and he wakes up hearing it. The window and the alarm clock in this result is the Disney logo.

From Summer 1996 to April 1997, these were used as a temporary branding for Disney's children's programming following the removal of the TKO: Totally Kids Only branding. One of the ("Paper", "Jigsaw", "Shadow", "Stamp", "Paint", "Upside Down", or "Printing") would play as part of a "coming up next" bumper, then a clip of the show would appear over the logo. Before a short series, its name would appear over the logo in Dom Casual.

Technique: Cel animation or puppetry by Colossal Pictures.

Audio: It depends on the variant, including the Disney Channel theme at the time.

Audio Variant: The 1996-97 next contain a whimsical synth-driven track with bells at one point, ending with a male voiceover revealing the show coming up next.

Availability: It was last seen on The Disney Channel in 1997.

4th ID (1986-1992)

Visuals: There is the rainbow Disney Channel logo, with the word "The Disney Channel" (All are Times New Roman font except "Disney", which is in its corporate font), and "America's Family Network" under it as well. The logo shines with stars.

Technique: Live-action. For sign off variant, Live-action and computer animation.

Audio: A singer would sing the jingle in the following, "America's Family Network, The Disney Channel".

  • Sign Off Variant: This logo would be used after the shot of the fountains near the Spaceship Earth at EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, before the logo appears. As an orchestral version of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" plays, Jerry Bishop (announcer of the Disney Channel at the time) would sign off by saying "The Disney Channel wishes you a wonderful tomorrow, and remember, you always have a place to tune into to, your family place, The Disney Channel! And now, good night!"

Availability: It was last seen on The Disney Channel sometime in 1992.

5th ID (Spring 1991-1996)

Visuals: There are many different versions.

  • Hot air balloon: Donald Duck sleeps in a hot air balloon, then Mickey skywrites the Disney Channel logo.
  • Garden: Donald is trying to cut some weeds but gets annoyed by a fly. There is a bush with a fence revealing The Disney Channel logo (and a small blue Disney Channel logo on the top left).
  • Music Notes: Donald Duck is conducting a band when a music note turns into The Disney Channel logo. Donald rants "OH NO, NOT AGAIN!"
  • The Band: Donald is doing percussion of everything until the drums reveal The Disney Channel logo, which causes Donald to panic and fall into pieces.
  • Train Tunnel: The train goes into a tunnel that reveals the Disney Channel logo.
  • Cloud: The Hidden Mickey clouds cover the sun of the railroad tracks to reveal The Disney Channel logo.
  • Boat: Donald goes fishing in his canoe until he finds a ship with a Mickey-shaped lifesaver revealing The Disney Channel logo.
  • Statue: Donald Duck builds a statue of himself, then puts extra rocks to reveal The Disney Channel logo on the dirt.

Technique: Stop motion animation by Broadcast Arts.

Audio: It depends on the variant, with Donald Duck's voice provided by Tony Anselmo. In some bumpers, Christine Cavanaugh (appearing in Disney's Darkwing Duck at the time) teases the show coming up next.

Availability: It was last seen regularly on The Disney Channel in 1995, making sporadic appearances until Summer 1996.

6th ID (1997-2002)

Visuals: It depends on the variant.

  • Mickey dancing: There is Mickey dancing on the screen of the Disney Channel logo.
  • Jiminy Cricket: A kid pours ketchup and mustard everywhere and we Jiminy Cricket making a foolish face.
  • Marsupilami and Maurice: Unknown
  • Pooh: Unknown
  • Donald Duck: Unknown
  • Goofy and Max: Unknown
  • Chip 'N Dale: Unknown
  • Tigger: Bounces around
  • And much more...

Technique: Computer animation and edited pre-existing footage, produced by Lee Hunt Associates and animated by them, Cuppa Coffee, English Marshall Pockett, or Cherry Bomb Studios.

Audio: It depends on the variant.

Availability: Most of these were last seen on Disney Channel in 2000. The Vault Disney block continued to be used until 2002.

7th ID (September 30, 2002-September 2011)

Visuals: There are many different versions. Most of them include interactive transitions turning showing imaginations, before changing back to the original scene with the imagination scene inside the Disney Channel logo.


  • Rainy Day: A girl is looking out the window watching the rain. She then draws out the Mickey Mouse head shape with her finger. The background inside the shape is the aftermath of the rain, which includes a rainbow and plants. A short version of this ID also exists.
  • Scary Sister: A boy walks into the bathroom looking at his sister, who appears to have come from a spa. They both scream as the transition changes to what looks to be a monster of the sister who then lights all the lamps, before going back to the original scene, where the boy is now wearing the spa items with his sister trying to take them off.
  • Rockstar: A teenage girl is using a tennis racket as a guitar, then the transition changes to a concert, where the girl is now in a rockstar outfit and holding a real guitar. She plays various notes, and the original scene then shows both girls with the items.
  • Glow Stick: A boy is drawing various things with his green glow stick at night while his friend watches him in the background. He then begins to draw the Mickey Mouse head shape. Finally, he points his glow stick in the logo, smiling.
  • Pillow Fight: Two girls are doing a pillow fight in their room. The transition goes from the snowglobe seen in their room. In the transition, the two girls look up, thinking it's snow, then the camera zooms out to see the girls pillow fighting inside the snowglobe, before going back to the original scene.
  • Dog Bath: There is a girl giving her dog a bath. After that, the dog shakes off the excess water, with bubbles on the screen that form the Mickey Mouse head shape. The girl is surprised and then walks up to her dog, as the bubbles form the logo with the Disney Channel text appearing from the left.
  • Firefly: At nighttime, there is a firefly going down to a house, with a window shining a light on it. From the window, there is the firefly who then stops and then the Mickey Mouse head shape forms. Inside the head, there is a great view of daytime, as the firefly then flies off.
  • TV Dinner: In a kitchen, there is a boy sitting on the chair and his mom gives him a tray with food on it. The transition then changes to see the two in outer space wearing astronaut costumes and there is food flying everywhere, with the boy smiling and his mom holding an empty tray. The scene changes back to the boy holding what appears to be a chip.
  • Jungle: A man is working in his garden before the transition changes to himself in a jungle seeing a lizard. The scene changes back to the man looking at the plants.
  • Easter: The ident starts off the same way as the "Jungle ID", but this time, the transition changes to the man finding a basket of easter eggs. This ident aired during Easter Sunday in 2008.
  • Painter: A girl is painting a picture of a flower, while the transition changes to the girl at the art show, where she gets an award for the best painting. The scene changes back to the girl with a couple of paint spots on her face.
  • Water Fight: Two boys are seen having a water fight with hoses, pots, and pans. As one boy begins to spray the other one, the scene transitions to an island paradise. The scene then changes back to the two boys who are doing a handshake.
  • Paperboy: In the neighborhood, there is a boy riding his bicycle and delivering newspapers to the people. The scene then transitions to the boy now wearing a racing helmet and is at a bike race. As the scene changes back, we then see the boy holding his trophy inside the head shape.
  • Insects: A boy is looking at three green bugs with his magnifying glass while his mother comes to see them. Soon, they look up as the transition changes to see them looking up at a green CGI bug who smiles at them. The scene changes back where the boy is now holding one of the bugs with both hands.
  • Microscope: A boy is working on a science project in school. He puts a liquid in the sample and looks inside the microscope, revealing a cell similar to a pool, which the transition magically changes to the same shape of the cell, showing a pool party going on. There is the boy on the inflatable as a girl in a floaty jump in. The scene then changes back to the boy in the classroom happily looking at the cell.
  • Basketball: A group of kids is playing basketball in the school gymnasium dribbling the balls. The transition then changes to a DJ party going on with disco lights. The kids begin to make music as the scene changes back to the kids smiling as the kept dribbling the basketballs.
  • Rock Climbing: A boy is looking around in the kitchen, and suddenly finds a yellow jar of cookies. He grabs a step stool as the transition changes to the boy rock climbing. The transition changes back to the boy now with the cookie jar while eating one cookie.
  • Paper Airplane: In a school classroom, a boy throws a paper airplane and as it zooms into the globe, it explodes and the paper airplane transforms into a red spaceship. The spaceship flies through various space rocks with several cows on it. As the scene changes back to the school, the spaceship then flies out of the globe that is now being used as the head and two chalk-drawn circles are now used as the ears. The 4-note jingle is also played from the school bell.
  • Dog Food: In a kitchen, there is a dog lying down on the floor. He licks his nose, and the transition then changes to a bunch of dogs treats on the floor with the dog smiling. The scene changes back to the dog dreaming of the food.
  • Fridge: A boy opens a fridge and begins to take an ice cube when the transition changes to him taking out a piece of ice from the igloo, and he notices a tiny guy that soon waves at him. The scene then changes back to the boy who is smiling.
  • Dog and Butterfly: A dog is chasing a butterfly inside the house and goes outside the house and into the backyard. He continues chasing the butterfly until his tail is shown and the Mickey Mouse head shape is on the grass.
  • Mermaids: In a backyard we see two girls splashing around in an inflatable pool. We then see them wearing flippers and the scene then transitions them with the pool transformed into an ocean, and the girls dressed as mermaids, with the Mickey Mouse head shape decorated in rocks. Used outside of the U.S.
  • Stargazing: Unknown
  • Treasure: Unknown
  • Sandpit: In a sand dune, there is a shovel appear, and then it cuts to the boy digging through the sand as three different split-screen scenes are shown, and then it ends to see the boy discover a bone. Suddenly, his dog grabs it, which is later revealed to be a squeaky toy.It then turns out the boy was digging in his sandbox in the backyard. The Mickey Mouse head shape is formed from a dinosaur fossil. Used outside of the U.S.
  • Candy & Sprinkles: In a cafeteria, there are two ladies scooping food to the kids' trays. There's also a sign that says "NO TALKING" on the wall. Two of the kids look at their items as the transition soon changes to the ladies scooping tiny sprinkles onto a girl's tray of candy. We then see the ladies in what appears to be a candy factory. The scene then changes back to the cafe, with the ladies still scooping food on.
  • Christmas: This ident was completely done in CGI. In a town at night, Santa Claus suddenly rolls down onto the snow, which suddenly makes all the lights turn off. He then gets up, and grabs two cords, and plugs them in, which turns all the lights back on. We then see the Mickey Mouse head shape on red ornaments and forms the Disney Channel logo as Santa is still seen through the ornaments.
  • Halloween Lunch: A variant of the "Candy & Sprinkles" ID, but this time, the screen cuts to the girl having her tray being scooped, and then the transition goes to the ladies, who are now dressed in Halloween costumes
  • Halloween: Also done in CGI, Unknown
  • Train: This ident was also done in CGI. There is a POV of a train going on the tracks which then goes into a tunnel and when we go out, it turns into what appears to be a rollercoaster video game, with the tracks looking like what's seen on Vekoma/Arrow Dynamics rollercoasters. Some fruit can be seen on the tracks, which include strawberries, cherries, and bananas. As we go through another tunnel, we go out and see a Mickey head icon-shaped tunnel, and the Disney Channel text in white appears. The 4-note jingle is played from a train whistle.
  • Fish: As with the Train ID, this one was also done in CGI, but this time with live action. A boy wearing an orange hoodie drops a gold coin underwater. Various road signs are also seen in the underwater background. A whale shark tries to get the coin, only for a pufferfish to reach it, which causes the whale shark to chase the pufferfish and try to attack it. The camera then follows the whale shark and the pufferfish as we fly past a stop sign, accompanied by dramatic music, and the sounds of screaming and car horns honking. The whale shark then ends up eating the screen, and then it cuts to a same boy, and he notices the pufferfish and walks away. The Mickey Mouse head shape is painted on a black brick sidewalk and the text in white fades in. The 4-note jingle is played from water drops.
  • Valentine's Day: It's a modified version of the "Pillow Fight" ID, with the transition colors being pink and hearts seen during the transition. This ident aired during Valentine's Day in 2008.
  • Thanksgiving: It's a modified version of the "TV Dinner" ID, with a turkey being seen flying through space during the transition.

Trivia: The live-action scenes were directed by Glenn Lazzaro, and the graphics were done by Razorfish, CA Square, and PMcD Design. The "Treasure", "Mermaids", "Stargazing", and "Sandpit" were only seen outside of the United States and were done by The Creative Division.

Technique: Live-action and CGI animation. For Halloween, Train, and Christmas, it’s just CGI animation.

Audio: Depends on the variant, and ends with the famous 4-note jingle.

Audio Trivia: The sound identity for the 2002-2007 on-air look was composed by a jingle company named Tonal Sound, who worked closely with Elias Associates, the company that Jonathan Elias founded. Elias was the composer of the PBS jingle used from 1984-1989, and the Columbia Pictures fanfare from 1993-. Alex Lasarenko wrote the jingle.

Availability: Retired during 2010 in the United States and in September 2011 in international markets.

8th ID (June 1, 2003-May 22, 2014)

Visuals: There are many other versions. The idents that use a wand (introduced in June 2003) have a main description as follows: the actor/actress/cartoon character draws the 2002-2010 Disney Channel logo (in Mickey's head).


  • The initial first set of "Wand" idents was filmed and produced along with some new "Express Yourself" skits and bumpers and "Learning Together" skits and bumpers in 2002. The new Express Yourself and Learning Together skits featuring the stars of Disney Channel (wearing different fashion that would be later used in the idents themselves) aired immediately after the rebrand, while the first set of the "Wand" series of idents (featuring Disney Channel actors wearing fashion from the Express Yourself and Learning Together bumpers) first aired in June 2003. The idents themselves were filmed in August 2002 at Storyville Pictures in Venice, California and were edited Guillotine Post in Georgia, while the logo, music, sound effects, and visual effects were added during post-production by PMcD Design in New York City.
  • Awkward outtakes exist of the 2003 Wand IDs.

Technique: Live-action footage, with the wand edited to add glow effects.

Audio: Usually, for the actor/actress, they usually say the lines of "Hi, I'm (name of the actor/actress) from (name of the show they are from) and you're watching Disney Channel!". In the background, a music bed plays, ending with the four-note Disney Channel mnemonic. The music usually varies from ident to ident.

Availability: Most of these variants have never been seen since 2014 when Disney Channel switched to their current logo.

  • In December 2016, when Disney Channel reran Hannah Montana, the 2010 Miley Cyrus bumper and another bumper from 2010 featuring Hannah Montana (Miley's alter-ego in the series) were shown before the show.
  • The Lizzie McGuire variants were last seen in 2006.

Legacy: These bumpers are memorable for those who grew up with this era of Disney Channel.

9th ID (2010-2014)

Visuals: On a blue background with bubbles, a Disney Channel tube flies in and settles at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.


  • Shake It Up: Unknown
  • Good Luck Charlie: Unknown
  • Hannah Montana: Unknown
  • Red Carpet: Unknown
  • Fish Hooks: Unknown

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: Depends on the variant. In Europe, the 2010-2014 Disney Channel jingle is used.

10th ID (January 2012-May 26, 2016)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the text "express yourself" followed by the 2010 Disney Channel logo, which sparkles.

Variant: A later variant exists, which featuring the 2014 Disney Channel logo instead.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: The closing theme.

Availability: Seen during commercial breaks on Disney Channel from 2012-2016.

11th ID (May 23, 2014-)

Visuals: Same as before, but the background now varies and the actor/actress/cartoon character now draws the dot of the "i" in "DiSnEY" which zooms out to reveal the 2014 Disney Channel logo, and the wand they use is a traditional magician's wand instead of a glow stick.


  • In 2017, the background of the logo is now blue with the dot of the "i" enlarged, and the actor/character now draws the same Disney Channel logo as the original variant, but the text is purple instead of white and the background is yellow instead of blue.
  • Starting in 2019, the idents returned to the white background format, with the logo also reverting to its original colors. They largely resemble the style of the 2003-2014 idents.

Technique: Same as before, but this time, the live-action was done at Disney Channel studios, and the VFX were done by BDA Creative.

Audio: Same as the last ident, but with different music, which like before, can vary between idents.

12th ID (May 23, 2014-2017?)

Visuals: Unknown.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: Live-action and CGI animation.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

13th ID (2017-2019)

Visuals: Unknown.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

14th ID (2019-)

Visuals: Unknown.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]