Mark Massari Productions

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This is the production company of Mark Massari, who is one of the two creators of Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (the other being Wayne Lepoff).

1st Logo (March 22, 1993-1995)

Visuals: On a black background, in front of a red police light is the italicized words in a plain white typeface "MARK MASSARI PRODUCTIONS."

Variant: An alternate variant exists, where the text fades in a different font, and the light blinks on and off.

Technique: None. For the variant, 2D animation.

Audio: A police siren is heard. Sometimes, the ending theme of the show plays over it.

Availability: Spotted at the end of early episodes of Real Stories of the Highway Patrol on H&I along with the Leap Off Productions, Genesis Entertainment (or New World Entertainment) and the either the 1995 or 2013 20th Television logos.

2nd Logo (September 11, 1995-June 29, 1998)

Visuals: There is a gray streamlined steam locomotive driving on tracks on water at a rapid speed. As it passes by, the company name in red shows up.

Technique: A mix of 2D animation and CGI.

Audio: The sound of a train going on tracks, then a train whistle can be heard, along with a voice saying "Mark Massari!" in the tune of the whistle.

Availability: Seen on 1995-1998 episodes of Real Stories of the Highway Patrol.

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