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On June 11, 1997, The Family Channel was purchased by then-Fox owner News Corporation, as a means of broadcasting programs they now owned through Saban Entertainment. The channel became Fox Family the year after, and International Family Entertainment was merged into Fox Kids Worldwide, with the MTM library moving to Fox, and the company later becoming Fox Family Worldwide. Despite initial success, the channel quickly began struggling, due to heavy competition from other children's/family networks as well as poor management at News Corporation. On October 24, 2001, Fox Family Worldwide was sold to Disney for $2.9 billion, giving them control over the channel space as well as the libraries of Saban and TVS. In November that year, they renamed it to ABC Family.

1st Logo (1998-2000)

Visuals: On a purple-tangerine gradient sky background, there is a modified version of the 1994 Fox structure, this time with the second and last rows replaced with the words "FOX" and "FAMILY", and the top row consisting of a giant, cartoonish-looking suburban house, with adding flower pots, bushes, and the stage as a garage. The camera pans out from the other side of the structure, and then moves to the familiar 20th Century Fox angle. We then crossfade into a completely different sequence, in which a 3D lopsided green-yellow oval spins around and stops in the middle on a blue background, whilst slowly turning. There are plum-purple "swishes" around the oval, and the text "FOX FAMILY", in the Fox logo font, is shown inside it. The text "You Belong." slides in from the bottom and "crashes" and settles.


  • A short version exists where the camera pans slightly backwards, away from it, as the searchlights next to it move.
  • A morning version exists which has a blue-pink-yellow gradient sky background with the sunrise. The background on the cross-fading sequence is yellow.
  • A afternoon version exists which has brighter colors, along with a blue sky background (with a flying bird passing by) and the shining movement of a searchlight at the beginning. The background on the cross-fading sequence is green.
  • Sometimes, the searchlights are flickering by a off-screen kid.
  • Christmas and Halloween variants exist.
  • On a promo of Ohh Nooo! Mr. Bill Presents, Mr. Bill is being crushed by the structure.

Technique: CGI done by Pittard Sullivan.

Audio: For the regular and short ID, there is a quick pop-rock tune with an alarm clock-sounding 3-note tune (which was Fox Family's theme of the era), along with boomerang sounds for when the other Fox Family logo appears (similar to Shrek 2's DVD menu when pressing the "Play" button).

Audio Variant: Other variants would have the off-screen sounds of the family.

Legacy: This bumper is quite nostalgic to those who grew up with it.

2nd Logo (August 15, 1998-2000)

Visuals: On a green background, with clear rings moving about, there is the Fox Family logo of the time (consisting of the words "FOX" and "FAMILY" stacked on each other, in the same font as the 20th Century Fox logo, in purple and rotated to look 3D, and surrounded by a purple oval with a yellow center) zooming out and quickly zooming up. The oval in the Fox Family logo spins briefly before stopping.

Trivia: This is based on an ID used on Fox Family during the time period.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A playful fanfare with horns, and drums.


  • It was seen on Au Pair and some episodes of Great Pretenders when it aired on Fox Family. The Australian DVD release and international airings of the former deletes this logo and plasters it with the 1996 Saban International logo.
  • It was seen on Fox Family shows and movies during this era.
  • It was also seen on 1999-2002 Fox Kids (the North American Block) reruns of Life with Louie.
  • The Digiview Productions DVD of Heaven's Fire surprisingly retains this at the end, as does OutTV Canada reruns of The New Addams Family.

3rd Logo (December 10, 2000-2001)

Visuals: On a blue background with squares and rectangles flying from left to right of the screen we see the Fox Family logo from the era (a rectangle with rounded corners that is divided into 2 parts, with the word "FOX" in its corporate font, sideways, and in the small black part of the rectangle, and the word "family" in a black bold universe font on the yellow part of the rectangle) zooming in with a black shadow in front of it.

Variants: There's a variant on a green background for daytime programs.

Technique: Simple computer animation by 3 Ring Circus.

Audio: A joyful disco-influenced theme. The ending theme of the show may be also used.

Availability: Seen on Special Delivery when it aired on Fox Family, and most likely seen on the channel's other TV movies and shows during the era before it became ABC Family. The green background variant was seen on Braceface and reruns of Camp Candy and Bad Dog, among other daytime programming from the network, usually plastering the previous logo.

4th Logo (January 9, 2001)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the 2000 Fox Family logo in light blue, with the text in it "cut out". A light shines through the text.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on The Amati Girls as well as the film's trailer.

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