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1st Logo (2006-2013)

Visuals: There is multiple squares with circular shaped holes in a small tunnel, and the camera zooms down through them with some red laser-like streaks flying by. The camera pans forward through some circular shapes revealing a bright yellow light with more squares with holes in them, but they slide up and down into place forming a line of them while more red streaks fly past us. The camera zooms in and turns through one of the holes while the ABC logo comes into place in front of the line. The camera zooms out from the ABC logo revealing "ESPN on" next to the ABC logo with "ESPN" part being the logo of the sports channel. Another yellow light is behind the logo, multiple lines with the squares above it, and a spinning circular structure is below it while laser streaks fly through the tunnel.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rock tune plays with Aaron May saying "The following is a special presentation of ESPN on ABC". The closing variant has May saying "This has been a special presentation of ESPN on ABC".

2nd Logo (2013-2022)

Visuals: In a faded red background with some steel beams with joists, there is a girder with a yellowish white object as if it was metal being forged in a factory above it. It turns out to be the ESPN logo as it lights up. The camera switches to the view of the "abc" letters without the circle being formed. Then the camera switches to a white light flashing and then it zooms out, passing through some beams and then the b in "abc". The circle now forms while a black rectangle appears behind "ESPN on" with a white outline connecting to the ABC circle, while the "abc" letters light up in the end. The steel beams turn out to be some sort of structure, and you can see clouds in a night sky behind it.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The audio and narration from the previous logo.

3rd Logo (2022-)

Visuals: In a black background, the screen zooms out from a translucent ESPN logo. Then a red laser streak passes through the gap in the ESPN logo until it hits what reveals to be the 2021 ABC logo, which glows red. "ESPN" lights up shortly after that and "ON" appears between. You can see a reflection of the logo below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A movie-like musical score remix of the previous 2006-2022 theme with an announcer saying "This is ESPN on ABC".

Availability: Unveiled during Little League World Series coverage.

ABC Sports
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