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Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, formerly Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, was one of The Walt Disney Company's five major business segments consisting of Disney's streaming services and overseas media businesses, formed in March 2018. As part of the segment's formation, Disney Streaming Services (formerly BAMTech) was placed under Direct-to-Consumer & International.

Logo (September 7, 2020-)

Visuals: Same as the Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution logo, except with the Disney Media Distribution name in white. Additionally, the star also disappears when the company name is flipping.

Variant: Since 2023, the text below the line instead reads "Entertainment Distribution".

Technique: CGI by New Wave Entertainment and Pembrook Creative.

Audio: The fanfare from the Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution logo by Sam Winans.


  • It was first discovered on a WSB-TV airing of Live with Kelly & Mark (then known as Live with Kelly & Ryan) in place of the Disney-ABC HE&TD logo, and started appearing on newer episodes of Tamron Hall; one episode had the logo cut-off by a commercial for some reason.
  • Despite the company being renamed as Disney Platform Distribution from a month into this logo's debut, it was still seen on the aforementioned series.
  • The "Entertainment Distribution" appears on newer episodes of Live with Kelly & Mark and Tamron Hall since 2023, respectively.
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