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Evolution Studios was a British video game developer formed in 1999 by Martin Kenwright, Michael Hocking (both of them came from Digital Image Design, which Kenwright co-founded) and Ian Hetherington (who previously established Psygnosis). The company is best known for producing WRC-licensed games and the MotorStorm series.

Evolution Games also established Bigbig Studios as a satellite studio in Warwickshire, together with Sony. On September 19, 2007, the company, alongside Bigbig Studios, were acquired by Sony to become part of SCE Worldwide Studios.

On March 22, 2016, Sony confirmed the company's closure. Most of the staff now being transferred to Codemasters' internal studio, Codemasters EVO. Another part of the staff is said to have continued at Sony North West Studio (now Sony Manchester Studio).

Logo (November 30, 2001-October 13, 2016)

Visuals: The logo consists of a silver 3D oval banner made out of two white ovals. Below them is the company name, "evolution s t u d i o s".


  • On WRC: World Rally Championship, an URL address for the company can be seen below.
  • Beginning with the release of MotorStorm, the registered trademark is placed below the corner of the oval banner.
  • Beginning with the release of Driveclub, the oval banner is now bigger, colored white and in 2D.
  • Animated variants:
    • WRC II: Extreme: A blue light moves in as lens flare is seen throughout. It then shines and reveals that it's an extreme closeup of the glossy oval banner, which rotates and settles into position while leaving blue lights behind. As the company name settles into position, blue smoke can be seen on the background. A glowing registered trademark can also be seen beside the text.
    • WRC 3: An off-screen light moves in, reveals the logo. Like the previous logo, a registered trademark can be seen.
    • WRC 4: An orange light draws the first oval as the company name is seen. It then shines and reveals the entire orange-tinted logo. Like before, a registered trademark can also be seen.
    • WRC: Rally Evolved: The camera zooms through several copies of the logo. The speed then increases, causing the copies being merged together into a single logo as the camera zooms in slowly. Also, the enhanced logo is used and a registered trademark is now placed between the "o" and "n" above.

Technique: A still, digital graphic. CGI for the animated variants.

Audio: None, but on WRC: Rally Evolved, several whooshes can be heard from several copies of the logo.

Availability: It can be seen on their WRC games (from World Rally Championship until Rally Evolved) and MotorStorm games (until the release of MotorStorm RC). Also appeared on Driveclub and Driveclub VR.

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