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London Studio is a video game developer that was founded in 2002 after a merger between Team Soho and Psygnosis' Camden studio. Its best known works include the SingStar series and games made for the EyeToy camera and PlayStation VR.

1st Logo (October 4, 2002-2008)

Visuals: Usually consists of "LONDON" and "STUDIO", both of which are in a futuristic font with the latter on top of the four PlayStation buttons against a black or white background.


  • On EyeToy Play 2, the logo is slowly zooming in.
  • On EyeToy: Operation Spy, the logo is in blue.
  • On SingStar games from this period, the logo is on a light blue spotlight with a reflection underneath and is slowly zooming towards the screen.

Technique: A still digital graphic for most of the variants. Sometimes, it may zoom slowly.

Audio: None or the opening of the game.

Availability: Seen on many games from this period starting with This is Football 2003.

2nd Logo (March 19, 2009-October 24, 2014)

Visuals: Basically consists a blue 3D flat shape of the four PlayStation buttons next to the text from before with "LONDON" in blue and "STUDIO" in grey.


  • On SingStar Queen, there is a copyright notice underneath.
  • On EyePet, the logo is zooming in on a cloudy background.

Technique: None or the logo slowly zooming in.

Audio: The opening of the game.

Availability: Can be seen on SingStar games from this period such as SingStar Queen as well as EyePet.

3rd Logo (October 2016- )

Visuals: On a black screen, a glowing white line starts drawing from the center and moves up from there, making an outline of three squares. Then, three different symbols are drawn: one "X" symbol with its center point more upwards, one normal-looking "X", and the other a circle. Afterwards, the logo glows, revealing "London Studio" underneath, and the light slowly dies down.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: The opening soundtrack of the game

Availability: It debuted on PlayStation VR Worlds and can be seen on newer games from the company.

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