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Sony Pictures Consumer Products is the interactive division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. It was created to specialize on video games licensed from Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, and Sony Pictures Animation franchises.

Logo (December 18, 2003-)

Visuals: Same as the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment logo, but the words "CONSUMER PRODUCTS" replace "HOME ENTERTAINMENT".


  • On early games, a still version on a white background is used. Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games use the same version. The words "CONSUMER PRODUCTS" are in Bank Gothic MD BT font, the same font that's used on the print logo for Columbia Pictures. There is no line that separates in between "PICTURES" and "CONSUMER".
  • On the Sony Online Entertainment-published versions of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune for PS3, the above variant is used, but on a black background.
  • On Monster House, the words "CONSUMER PRODUCTS" are gray.

Technique: Same as the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment logo by Brian Castleforte and Sean Koriakin for Imaginary Forces. None for the still variant.

Audio: Same as above, composed by Lee Sanders.

Audio Variant: None for the still variant.


  • The still version appears on games like Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Monster House, Open Season, and Surf's Up.
  • The animated version appears on Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Men in Black: Alien Crisis among others.
  • On Battle: Los Angeles and the DS versions of said games, the still version is used.
  • It also appears on The Smurfs for DS.
  • The Smurfs: Dance Party on Wii uses the animated logo, but pressing A to skip it will make the still variant load in.
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