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Incognito Entertainment was founded in 1999 by Scott Campbell, a former SingleTrac employee. In January 2000, the company signed a publishing agreement with a "major North American publisher". The studio was originally known as Incognito Studios and later renamed Incog Inc. Entertainment, before returning to the Incognito name. Sony acquired Incognito in August 2002 and made it an internal studio of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). At the time, it had already employed 51 people.

Campbell and David Jaffe (another SingleTrac employee and director of the Twisted Metal games), alongside the majority of the company's staff, left Incognito in July 2007 to form Eat Sleep Play, an independent studio, but still distributed their games through SCEA. The remainder of Incognito was led by Dylan Jobe and maintained the PlayStation 3 game Warhawk. In March 2009, he and several other staff members left the studio to establish LightBox Interactive, ultimately dissolving the studio.

Logo (June 18, 2001-August 28, 2007)

Visuals: On a black background with white dots representing stars, the words "INCOG INC." and "eNtertaiNment" appear and zoom in. The "INCOG INC." logo is grungy and has a drawing of an eye posing as the "O", and "eNtertaiNment" has 9's posing as the first "e" and "a", respectively flipped and rotated upside down. Once the logo reaches a comfortable distance, it shines in purple or grey.


  • On the beta version for Twisted Metal: Black, the "INCOGNITO" text wipes in with a spotlight effect, then shines with a purple light.
  • On Twisted Metal: Head-On, the "INCOG INC." text fades in without "eNtertaiNment". The eye blinks and looks around a bit before "NITO" drops down and crushes "INC.", taking its place. "eNtertaiNment" fades in shortly after, and the logo shines. The PS2 version does not have this logo, as it was instead developed by Eat Sleep Play.
  • On some games, the logo is still with white dots surrounding it. This logo comes with both the "INCOGNITO" and "INCOG INC." versions.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A metallic moaning wind sound.

Audio Variants: On the Head-On variant, a car crash sound can be heard when "NITO" drops down.

Availability: Seen on many games from Incognito, namely Twisted Metal: Black, Warhawk, War of the Monsters and Twisted Metal: Head-On.

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