University of Alabama Television Services

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1st Logo (1981/82-1984/85)

Visuals: On a red background, a white stylized U with "UNIVERSITY TELEVISION" above it zoom in. It stops in the middle of the screen. The logo then fades.


  • There is a version on a blue background that is still.
  • There is a red version that is on a black background, also still.
  • There is a version of the main variant that is inside of a white box, also still.
  • There is a version which features the logo moving down on a black background from the top of the screen and stopping in the middle.

Technique: Zooming effects. For most variants, a still, computerized graphic.

Audio: None. For the black zooming variant, an announcer saying: "The following program was produced by University of Alabama Television Services."

Availability: This logo is prevalent on AAPB prints of those old programs.

2nd Logo (1985?-1990)

Visuals: On a black background, a square flips in, zooming towards the camera. It shows a square with the letter "u" on the left side, and the words "UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA TELEVISION SERVICES" in yellow on the right side.

Variant: There is a still variant.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: Two synth whooshes, the second one lower-pitched than the first.

Audio Variation: There is a silent version.

Availability: Seen on Alabama Jubilee.

3rd Logo (1990-1991)

Visuals: There is a red diamond with the text "UofA" turning. There is also a gray/silver bar moving towards the background. The bar then turns towards the camera to show that it reads "TELEVISION". The logo then fades.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: A 5-note synth fanfare. The last note is held out longer than the others.

Audio Variation: Opening music has been used.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

4th Logo (1991-1993)

Visuals: On a marble-like background, there is a courthouse-esque building. A few of the pillars of the courthouse turn gold-like and fold downwards. Next to it, an arc appears and moves slightly to form an A with the pillars. The courthouse then disappears. Below all of this, the words "The University of Alabama" in silver Times New Roman-like font and the text "CENTER FOR PUBLIC TELEVISION" in a gold font sit.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: A piano tune with various sounds and a chime at the end.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

5th Logo (1993-2007?)

Visuals: On a red gradient background, there is a tower in a picture-frame like border. Next to it, there are two red lines separating two pieces of text. In between the two lines reads "The University of Alabama" in an italicized Times New Roman-like font. Below that, we see:

for Public
Television &

in what appears to be the same font, albeit not italicized. The logo then shines (very choppily) in a diagonal motion.


  • There is a version that does not include the "& Radio" part of the text and the shining is much smoother. The logo also takes place on a rocky background instead of the gradient.
  • There is a version that has the words "Closed Captioning" underneath the tower.
  • There is a zoomed-out variant that has smooth shining and takes place on a different background, as well as utilizing different fonts.

Technique: Shining effects.

Audio: None.

Availability: Unknown.

Legacy: This is often regarded as one of the worst PBS logos ever by those who have seen it.

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