Globalgate Entertainment

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Globalgate Entertainment is a film production company that is a joint venture with Lionsgate, Televisa, Tobis Film, Nordisk Film, Gaumont, TME Films, Lotte Cultureworks, Belga Films, PKDN Films, Paris Filmes, Viva Films, Rai Cinema, TF1 Studio, Falcon Pictures and Cine Colombia.

Logo (2017-)

Visuals: The first element shown is a starry sky, which then pans down to a globe that rolls through different landmarks. The globe stops rolling and turns to black, which then turns into a sphere containing words that mean "Cinema" in different languages. It then moves to the right, as the starry sky turns into a white background with a vignette. The word "GLOBALGATE" rolls out from the globe letter-by-letter, which then shine as the word "Entertainment" in gray fades in.

Variant: A shortened variant exists on their films, such as on Dhamaka and Sin Hijos.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An orchestral tune.

Availability: Seen on films such as the Indian film Dhamaka, and can be also seen on the company's website.
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