Cannon Cinemas

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Cannon Cinemas was a cinema chain owned by The Cannon Group, Inc. Most cinemas were in the UK.

Trailer (1986-1992)

Visuals: Same as the 1984 Cannon Films logo, but the text reads either "CANNON CINEMAS PRESENT" or "INTERVAL".

Variant: After the advertising reel ends, three silver bars with "CANNON", "SCREEN", and "ADVERTISING" appear. They zoom out and shine, and the logo plays as usual, except the bottom text reads "CANNON CINEMAS". After the hexagon segments zoom out,"TO ADVERTISE ON THIS SCREEN, TELEPHONE" and the company's phone number appears.

Technique: Same as the 1984 Cannon Films logo.

Audio: Same as the 1984 Cannon Films logo.

Availability: Some longer films, which were the primary sources of the logo, would be split up into two parts. The logo would play before the interval (or intermission) with "INTERVAL" written below instead. Then, after the interval, the logo would play again, with "CANNON CINEMAS PRESENT" below.

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