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In 2020, WGBH rebranded as GBH; the name is currently used on-air, while the rebrand is expected to roll out on other platforms throughout the 2020s.

Logo (August 31, 2020-)

Visuals: Over a black background, the logo starts with lights shining on the new GBH logo (in the same style as the older logo, but with geometric typography and the "Red Hat" font), illuminating the edges in a way similar to how the old logos formed up. As this happens, a spotlight turns on behind it, illuminating "GBH". Both lights die down to reveal the final product - a shining purple GBH logo.

Variant: An in-credit version exists.

Technique: CGI. The logo was designed by Minelli Inc.

Audio: The short version of the 3rd WGBH logo's theme. On some occasions, it may use the closing theme of the program.

Availability: The logo animation was unveiled on August 31, 2020, and started to see official use a day later. It debuted nationally one week later, on the Frontline episode "Growing Up Poor in America". This does not appear on the 13th season of Curious George as GBH pulled out of co-producing the series (after season 12).

WGBH Productions
GBH Productions
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