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In 1991, Time Warner and Viacom compromised and created "Comedy Partners", merging The Comedy Channel and Ha! TV Comedy Network into CTV: The Comedy Network, which was renamed shortly after to "Comedy Central" (in order to avoid confusion with Canada's CTV network).

Logo (April 1-June 1, 1991)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a humorous image of an animal or person superimposed on another stock image in a usually frilled or stamp-like frame with the words "CTV: The Comedy Network" written below in Kabel Ultra Bold.

Variants: Some of the pictures include:

  • A baseball field with someone at the bat, an umpire, and a giant hamster.
  • A 1950s diner with a giant rabbit in it.
  • Three lovebirds (one is a Fischer's lovebird, one is a masked lovebird, and the last one has a white and green color mutation that makes it hard to tell its species) and a black toy poodle on a branch.
  • A couple in front of a marker for the "World's Largest Cheese" standing next to a giant goat on two legs.
  • A man standing in front of the Great Sphinx, which has a giant tortoise (either a Galapagos or Aldabra tortoise) of equal size to its left.
  • A woman in a face mask inspects a group of tiny marching soldiers in white with her checkboard.

Technique: A still, digital image.

Audio: A stock music sting.

Availability: Found on reruns of Mystery Science Theater 3000 during that era, which still contain the commercial breaks.

The Comedy Channel

Ha! TV Comedy Network

CTV: The Comedy Network
Comedy Central
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