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ITV Studios Australia is the Australian subsidiary of ITV Studios. The company was originally founded as Artist Services in 1989.

1st Logo (April 11, 1991-1995)

Visuals: On a white background, an outline of a television set that is crooked in appearance consisting of antennas, frame, screen, three round buttons in a vertical position on the right side of it, and four legs comes walking from the right of the screen before stopping to the other side. The screen turns silver and the text


appears before flying out of the screen and settling on the other side next to the television while copyright appears.


  • The copyright would appear either underneath the text or below the screen.
  • On the last season of Fast Forward and the first season of Full Frontal, the logo would segue to the 6th Seven Network Productions logo.
  • An in-credit version in white appeared on Tonight Live with Steve Vizard.
  • Many episodes of various shows would segue to the logo in some form.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A scuttling sound the television makes when it's walking, a synth when the text comes out, and a thump when the text hits to where it is placed.

Audio Variant: The logo would be accompanied by audience applause whether with or without the usual sounds.

Availability: Seen on the last two seasons of Fast Forward, the first two seasons of Full Frontal, and Tonight Live with Steve Vizard.

2nd Logo (May 25, 1995-2001)

Visuals: On a gray marble background, the same TV comes walking from the right of the screen as usual, but this time makes a skiddering halt. Then, it starts to shiver somewhat before it's buttons briefly turn into slightly large striped ones one by one from bottom to top. The screen starts to turn static while it's antennae twitches before various objects come flying out of the screen. The following are:

  • A toaster with a piece of toast in the slot.
  • A UFO with a smiling alien whose antennae protrudes through the glass casing.
  • A mobile phone.
  • A mug of coffee with smell symbols on top and a calendar page baring the number 1.
  • A computer.
  • A sombrero with triangular shapes around the top.
  • A clapperboard.
  • Tragedy and comedy masks.
  • A glass of martini.
  • A thought bubble with a light bulb in it with points around it to represent an idea and to show the brightness of it.
  • A square picture of a cactus at night with an almost full moon.
  • A movie camera.

The latter then flies towards the screen where it cuts to the same background baring the text


shown below with copyright underneath. The television without its legs comes flying from the top of the screen before hitting the text with a thud then bounces up again with its legs back before landing again.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Footsteps the television makes when walking, a screeching sound when the television stops, chime sounds for each button, a violent buzz when the screen goes static, an exploding sound when the objects fly out, a hurtling sound when the television flies down, and a thud sound when the television lands.

Audio Variant: The logo would be accompanied by audience applause on various shows.

Availability: Seen on the last three seasons of Full Frontal, Shaun Micallef's World Around Him, Totally Full Frontal, and The Big Schmooze.

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