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1st Logo (October 24, 2017-2020)

Visuals: There is a white symbol of three lines facing different directions slowly zooming in towards the camera on a black background. As soon as it fades in, three separate bent lines wipe in individually around the symbol, followed by "SYPHER STUDIOS" in a sans serif font fading in one by one below the formed symbol. The logo slowly zooms in for a few seconds before the logo fades to black.

Variant: On Scarecrow, "FILMS" replaces "STUDIOS". It also has a slight sepia tint to it.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The opening/closing theme of the film.

Availability: Only appears in The Heart of Man and Scarecrow.

2nd Logo (October 27, 2023-)

Visuals: On a black background, a water droplet creates a splash on the top center of the screen. The puddle morphs into various shapes and objects such as a pile of photographs, a cracked dirt surface, a mossy rock terrain, cracked stone pieces, white barbed sticks, curvy air-like substances, and a space shuttle. During this process, the same symbol as seen in the previous logo, although slightly thicker, is being formed. The camera, initially panning downward on the forming symbol laying flat on the surface, flies upwards and rotates, allowing the symbol to directly face the screen. As this is happening, gray film grain briefly flashes in the middle of the symbol's formation and a gold aurora appears on the left side. When the symbol gains the form of a space shuttle, the stacked text "SYPHER STUDIOS" turns in letter by letter. By the time the text is formed, the logo is flattened and completely white.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A soft water drop alongside an assortment of sound effects following suit such as cards folding, rocks crumbling, pencils drawing, a space shuttle beeping, and its operator's dialogue. A soft chorus note is held for most of the logo.

Availability: It appears on After Death.

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