Red Shirt Pictures

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Logo (August 24, 2004-2016)

Visuals: The sequence starts off a red background with flickering effects added. A hand then occurs, and wipes it out, revealing a white background. Various paper parts of a red object fly in, and a hand removes them, later placing a shirt. It unfolds another paper with black words "RED SHIRT PICTURES" (with the letter "T" being a stylized shirt).

Variant: A short variant exists, and an URL in red would wipe in.

Technique: Live-action with flickering effects.

Audio: A metal bang tune, accompanied by slap sounds, chainsaw revving, and paper unfolding.

Availability: Seen on Time Flies When You're Having Fun, Ted's Excellent Adventure, Game Changer: The Legacy of Saw and other films produced by the company.

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