Deux Dames Entertainment

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Logo (February 16, 2024)

Visuals: Two ants meet each other in opposite directions on a grassy terrain against a pink sky and light blue ground. After briefly chatting, the two ants march to the other adjacent path upwards. The path leads them, alongside many other ants, to a set of trees with white leaves made of blank paper. Over there, they bring over scrunched pieces of black paper against the trees farthest from the screen to construct "DEUX DAMES" with the letters "D" and "A" having unconnected bowls and crossbars. The ants walk away from the logo after they have finished building their part of the text, leaving the screen in either direction. Then, "ENTERTAINMENT" in a blocky font fades in below the formed text and the background becomes brighter.

Technique: Stop-motion.

Audio: Forest ambience play in the background alongside high-pitched gibbering among the ants and low-pitched walking and plastic wrapping for the forming logo. A child saying the company name plays after the logo is formed.

Availability: The logo can be seen on Bleeding Love.

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