2111 Pictures

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Logo (July 12, 2022-)

Visuals: On a dark gray background, the stacked white text "2111 PICTURES", with the "1"'s ascenders cut off and in an ascending, tilted design, appears through multiple wiping effects. The first of which feature two misaligned masks revealing an outlined version of the logo, followed by another few masks that show a radial gray gradient, acting as the initial fill of the logo. The last set of wiping masks give the logo its final color, white. Before the logo is formed, a blue lens flare emerges from where the third "1" is, dying down not long after the logo finishes forming. The logo slightly backs away from the screen for the last few seconds of the logo sequence.

Technique: Flash animation.

Audio: There is electronic scanning as the layer masks wipe through the logo. A soothing electronic ambience track with four chimes near the end is also heard.

Availability: The logo appears on Adeline and Chapel.

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