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1st Logo (1996-2011)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a white cursive M shown by a white spotlight. The M then diverges into two different parts that look like an abstract inverse S and a "1", as the whole thing rotates towards the center of the screen. The spotlight fades, and the words "MEDIA" and "FACTORY" (in a font similar to Times New Roman) fly in and settle above and below the formations, respectively. When they settle, four fireworks go off: a red firework from the top of the inverse S; a yellow firework from the bottom of the inverse S; a green firework from the top of the "1"; and a blue firework from the bottom of the "1". As the fireworks scatter, another round of fireworks is fired: a teal one from the top half of the inverse S; a purple one from the bottom half of the inverse S; and a dark red one from the "1". After the fireworks disappear, the logo shines from the top of the inverse S to the bottom of the "1" in one stroke.


  • Sometimes, the fireworks go off again, and a male voiceover says the company name. Commercials use this at the end excluding the rest of the logo.
  • Since 2000, there is an enhanced version used on later titles like Funimation prints of D-Frag! and Soul Eater.
  • A earlier version lacks the fireworks entirely, instead having the name flash and the logo shine in a very different way. Also, the camera moves downwards before the M morphs and the "MEDIA" and "FACTORY" flying animations look less professional.
  • A later one of the above variant has the same qualities, but the fireworks appear as barely visible bursts of confetti, and shines similarly to the final variant.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A long whoosh as the parts of the M diverge; two short whooshes as "MEDIA" and "FACTORY" fly in; two firework-like "bang" sounds in succession of each other as the fireworks go off; and some sort of synth scale/whoosh as the logo shines. All while an ambient clarinet tune plays in the background.

Audio Variants:

  • Sometimes, it's silent.
  • The 1st earlier version lacks the clarinet tune and obviously the bangs, but a strange popping ambience at the beginning.

Availability: In Japan, it can be found on pretty much every anime and some video games the company has made or distributed. Meanwhile, in the US, it can be found on Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, Ikki Tousen/Battle Vixens, and Kanokon (all licensed by Media Blasters in the US). The silent version can be seen on the Dreamcast version of Culdcept II.

2nd Logo (2011-)

Note: The logo starts at 0:35.

Visuals: Over a black background is 2 panels come off from lower left corner of the screen, both in the shape of the Media Factory logo and revealing shining yellow light. Another one breaks from the darkness, revealing a red light, and this followed by one opening up blue, then another blue one, then another yellow one. As they break open, the camera zooms out, and a larger logo panel appears, breaks open, and floods the entire screen with a multicolored light, turning the background a transparent white, and summoning a silver logo, complete with the "MEDIA FACTORY" text, zooming out with it shining and placing itself into position. As it rests, it's shown to have dark reflections, as 4 more logos are revealed to break open from the void, revealing more lights. As it rests, the logos continue to float.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A ascending synth drone/string note, which ends with a beeping noise and a small "ringtone".

Availability: Since KADOKAWA bought the company in 2013, it became harder to find with this logo. Still, it can be seen on 2011/2012 releases from the company.

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