Arman Julian Productions

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Logo (October 8, 1987)

Visuals: On a light gray background, the Arman Julian Productions logo is seen: a gray triangle with a jagged edge, a much smaller red triangle inside it representing the letter "A", a black ribbon wrapped around it representing the letter "J", and a shadow under all of this that looks like the letter "M". All of a sudden, the gray triangle rocks to the side, spins, and tips backwards, the red triangle zooms in while spinning very fast, the ribbon turns pink and zooms in to the point where it goes offscreen, and the shadow moves out of view. This all happens at once while the background turns blue. Next, while the background turns black, the gray triangle comes back, and the red triangle fits itself into one of the corners of the gray triangle. Next, the red and gray triangles tip into a sideways view and turn horizontal into what looks like a small red line hovering over a larger gray line, and the pink ribbon flies back out to the point of disappearing. Next, the camera zooms out and the stacked words "A R M A N J U L I A N" in the ITC Machine font zoom out tilted to the left, stacked on top of each other; the triangles and the ribbon are now out of view. The words rotate to face the camera. The words are above a thin red line and the word "PRODUCTIONS" in white under that line.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth note, followed by a droning bass sound and various sound effects combined, resembling the THX Deep Note, then a loud "BANG!" sound when "ARMAN JULIAN" zooms out, and a heroic superhero-like fanfare that ends with a synth bass note, and some droning in the background.

Availability: It can only be found on a fitness video called Dolph Lundgren - Maximum Potential, including its reprints.

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