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This was a label used by adult video distributor VCX to release non-pornographic films, mainly B-movies.

Logo (1980-1983)

Visuals: Against a starry space background, nothing happens for 8 seconds. Then two red parallelograms, which face opposite directions, rapidly shoot in from both sides of the screen, forming a wide V shape while producing several shadows and a white trail briefly. A yellow C and a blue "II" (A Roman numeral 2) slide up from the bottom of the screen and stop just below them, forming the finished product "VCII" in an "X" arrangement. Then, a black version with a red triangle fades in with a black background, as several copies of the logo are seen getting "sucked" into the middle. The whole thing glows purple. The final result also greatly resembles the VCX logo (intentionally).


  • There may be a copyright notice chyroned in at the end.
  • Early tapes had a zooming space background fade in just as the music finished, with the logo overlaying it as a transparent image.
  • On some tapes, including The Prowler and Boogeyman II, there's an ad for VCX blank tape preceding this logo. It starts with a rotating cube zooming in against the same space background as disco-sounding music plays, then it stops, and a text scroll travels up a yellow square showing two VCX blank tape boxes and a TDK blank cassette reading "The VCX secret to consistent quality is sealed in each VCX pre-recorded video tape. We are proud to introduce the first VCX blank tape in VHS format. Now you can pass this secret on to your friends..." as an easy-listening piece plays. After the text finishes scrolling upward, the cube starts rotating again and zooms out as the first part of "World Champion" plays. Then the VCII logo continues as normal.

Technique: Likely Scanimate and video feedback effects.

Audio: An edited version of "World Champion" by Keith Mansfield. There also exists a low-tone version.

Availability: Seen on old B-movie tapes of the period, such as The Prowler, Night of the Demon, The Savage Is Loose, and Mardi Gras Massacre.

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