Anime Crash

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Anime Crash started life as a section of a retail store: the anime and manga section of Little Nemo's Comics, in Queens, New York City (now defunct). In 1995, Chris Parente, the owner of Little Nemo's Comics, opened an Anime Crash store in New York with help from Image Anime, but the partnership quickly soured and Parente ended up owning 97% of the company. Parente later opened stores in Boston and Rhode Island thanks to the success of the New York location. Anime Crash closed all their stores in 1997.

In 2001, former Anime Crash employee Scott Mauriell launched Crash Cinema Media. The company's titles were distributed by CPM, Ventura, Sony's RED Distribution, Koch Distribution, and Inspired Corporation. The company also forged an unusual partnership with a company known as Abrams Gentile Entertainment. In 2004, Crash Cinema Media acquired the rights to the Japanese-Korean anime Geisters: Fractions of the Earth. The dub was horribly mangled by AGE, since they ended up charging Crash way more than market rate for the studio time, and with budget running thin, Crash got everyone they could to act for free. In 2007, Crash, along with Anime Crash, shut down.

Logo (October 7, 2004-Mid 2000's?)

Visuals: There is a blue hand-drawn heavily-crashed burning village and a woman with lavender hair, mint green shirt, a belt and bandages on her hands standing with her back to a camera, holding a sword. She turns around and smiles evilly at the right side. The footage cuts to a Tori gate, and a woman with a gray long hair, a black shirt (with shoulders part being cut out) and a bandage on her leg, runs to left side while holding a sword, too. The screen cuts to a same lavender-haired woman with an annoyed expression on her face, followed by her preparing the sword with a mad expression on her face. The 2 women over a lavender background with moving yellow rectangles are preparing to attack each other, followed by 2 curved lines crossing each other and occuring a flash. 2 women jump onto the ground, while the grey-haired gets her hair cut out, making a kara, and the lavender-haired one afterwards, laying onto the ground. A woman with a kara kicks her sword into a sun, making it shatter and break into pieces, revealing a white background and making the sun red. Jumbled black word "ANiME" and white word "CRASH" slide in from the left & right, and the white background wipes out to reveal a black background.

Technique: Perhaps all digitally hand-drawn animation.

Audio: Asian sounds that leads into a heavy metal tune ending with a gong; then a heavy metal sounder. If you listen closely at the beginning, you can hear fire burn.

Availability: Can be seen on the 3 DVD's of the infamous dub of the anime called Geisters: Fractions Of The Earth. The dub was cancelled shortly as soon as the company closed down.

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