TGG Direct

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TGG Direct was a subsidiary of The Garr Group that sells DVD releases of movies and TV shows that are either in the public domain or from other companies, such as MGM & Twentieth Century Fox. In 2019, after their licensing deals expired, they announced they would no longer release DVDs nor acquire more content, rendering them defunct.

Logo (2012-2019)

Visuals: On a white background, 5 teal dots lined up in an angle blur in and spin in an orderly fashion, counter clockwise. While they spin, 4 gray dots blur in next to the spinning dots, forming a dot diamond. The dot diamond spins to the right of the screen to accommodate space for T G G, which slides from the right, in gray large letters, and TGG Direct, which slides in from the right, in small teal letters.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: A somewhat startling string ensemble.

Audio Variant: On 350 Classic Cartoons, the logo is silent, as it lacks its audio file.

Availability: Available on all of the company's DVDs. One example includes 350 Classic Cartoons.

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