Passion Productions

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Passion Productions was a public domain DVD distributor located in Wilmington, Delaware, formed by John Matarazzo as the successor to his previous company Saturn Productions. The company was notorious for its poor-quality releases, even for public domain standards, as well as accidentally releasing movies that weren't in the public domain; as such, the company operated under alternate names like 'Ace Video' and 'Digital Video Dreams'. In 2002, Passion Productions was purchased by PMC Corp., and assumed the name 'Miracle Pictures.' Miracle Pictures continued to release DVDs through 2003, mostly made-for-TV movies which had fallen into the public domain after their production companies went out of business. By 2004, PMC Corp. was closed, and Miracle Pictures took on the name '1st Miracle Pictures' before closing later that year.

Logo (2001-2005)

Visuals: In a snowy environment with snowcapped mountains and a lake, the camera pans very fast towards a rock structure that features the burgundy text "PASSION PRODUCTIONS", in a generic Arial font, stacked onto it. The camera jerkily rotates to reveal the company name, then once it's shown, immediately cuts to the DVD menu.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A techno breakbeat, which is sampled from Victor Calderone's "Melodic Club Remix" of "Desert Rose" by Sting.

Availability: Seen on some cheap DVD releases of the time like The Boy In The Plastic Bubble and Out of the Blue.

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