Sandstar Family Entertainment

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Sandstar Family Entertainment was a home video distributor based in Salt Lake City, Utah, formed in 1989 as Leucadia Film Corporation before a change in ownership in 1996 rebranded the company as Sandstar. It distributed many live-action family and religious films and cartoons. In 2003, Sandstar was sold to Feature Films for Families.

Logo (1997-2003)

Visuals: On a space background, small yellow particles appear on screen, which quickly build up a far higher amount of them. They eventually form a tall vertical opening briefly before rotating around and solidifying into the text "SANDSTAR", in a 3D yellow Times New Roman font with the S's being slightly bigger than the rest of the text. A cross of orange/purple flames eventually erupt from behind the 2nd A, engulfing the entire word for a few seconds. When it eventually shrinks back down, the A is replaced with a large 4-pointed star in its place.


  • A later version introduced instead has the star just fading in over the 2nd A, shining as the logo zooms out. The logo is also smaller.
  • An enhanced version of that logo appears later on as well, with the star appearing with a large flash when the logo is still dust, and extra shining effects appear on the text.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Originally silent, but the enhanced version has a cheery, ascending orchestral tune with eight notes as the dust forms and a held-out note as the logo appears.

Availability: Can be spotted on some VHS and DVD prints of other family films and cartoons and religious tapes. The regular version has been seen on a print of White Wolves, the full variant has been spotted on a 2002 VHS print of Race to Space, and the short variant has been seen on a 1997 VHS print of White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild and a 2001 USA Home Entertainment VHS print of Franklin's Magic Christmas.