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Hi-Ho! Video was a short-lived division of Golden Book Video that focused on VCR games, which operated in 1987. The name comes from the board game Hi-Ho Cherry-O! which Western Publishing owned the rights to at the time, and which was also one of the two games made into a VCR game.

Logo (1987)

Visuals: On a gray background, the sequence starts with a cartoon boy and girl looking at a box for a Hi-Ho VCR Game, with everything drawn as colorless black outlines. Suddenly a colorful rainbow with rays of light on its' front comes from the lid of the game box, as the boy and girl watch in amazement, and the rainbow heads toward a television set (also outlined with no color). When the rainbow hits the screen, the screen zooms into the TV and see several colored rays animating into a series of solid rainbow-colored rays on the screen, and then the screen zooms out to see the two kids watching the TV in amazement. The words "Hi-Ho! Video" zoom out of the center of the TV screen in white and then flash, to which the screen fades to a red background with two abstract sitting white figures (representing the children) with a stylized yellow outlined television screen in the center (resembling the TV outline on the main Golden Book Video logo), still containing the rainbow ray animation but now more solid, and the "Hi-Ho! Video" text now has a blue drop shadow effect behind it. After a few seconds, some rainbow-colored paint splashes from the center of the screen and wipes away the logo, revealing blackness.

Technique: Traditional animation produced by Animagination, Inc.

Audio: A bright perky child-like cartoon theme, most likely an APM stock music track.

Availability: Hi-Ho! Video only produced two VCR board games: Hi-Ho! Cherry-O and Hi-Ho! Mother Goose.

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