Morris Video

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Morris Video was a video distributor located in Redondo Beach, California, founded in the early 1980s by George and Dawn Morris. The company released a wide variety of instructional films on VHS and Beta.

Logo (1984-1990s)

Visuals: Over a black background, several purple/blue/pink lines appear up and down, forming a TV tube shape (similar to the Qintex Entertainment logo) with an "M" inside it. Then, a gold streak/ribbon wraps around the "M", making a script letter "V". "MORRIS VIDEO" in the Yagi Double font, colored blue-purple, appears below and glows brightly. The whole thing zooms out, leaving a dissolving trail.

Technique: Cel animation and computer effects.

Audio: A creaking synth bass that becomes a held-out note ending with a whoosh. When the text appears, a distorted, deep-voiced announcer says "Morris...Video."

Availability: Can be seen on certain instructional videotapes like Super Bowling and Handgun Fundamentals with jeff Cooper.

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