Premiere Video

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Logo (Late 1980s-Early 1990s)

Visuals: On an orchid-colored background, the shadowed white words are seen in the Handel Gothic font:


After a couple of seconds, they fly away to the left of the screen as the word "Premiere" is drawn in a old 1950s cursive font (as a drop shadow), while a TV tube screen is drawn around the letters "Pre". Then 3 lines stacked vertically draw in from the right and the background shrinks the TV tube screen, revealing a white background but retaining the original color in the letters "Pre", while the word "VIDEO" pops up in a dust format. Finally, 3 stars flash in and shrink, wiping away to reveal that "Pre" is cleared of its purple color.

Technique: 80s computer animation.

Audio: A continuous synth drone plays throughout followed by the following sounds: a reverse cymbal crash, 2 synth bells, 2 "wind" sounds, and one final synth burst.

Availability: Can be found at the end of Virgin Vision/M.C.E.G Virgin Home Entertainment releases. It also appears at the end of the VHS of Prancer.

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