Hosca Home Video Productions

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Logo (1987)

Visuals: The sequence starts with an animated space background with two planets (the Earth and the Moon) with an Orion constellation right at the top, along with a cyan city skyline with buildings at the right and a huge blue Tron-like pattern of what seems to be a "Vortex" in the bottom. Then, one bright red searchlight shoots up from the right corner of the skyline and a light, bright green searchlight shoots up from the left, between the earth and the constellation, and both searchlights move from the left to the right. Next, a grey sperm whale with a dark blue suit appears, holding a cue card that reads "HOSCA" with a dark red film canister superposing as an O. Also, the words "HOME VIDEO PRODUCTION INC." are below. Then, the logo now fades out.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: An eight-note trumpet fanfare fades in, followed by the next eight notes throughout at the end.

Availability: This logo appeared on one VHS copy of Micro-Commando Dia-tron 5.

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