Mexcinema Video Corporation

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1st Logo (1986-1990s?)

Visuals: On a black background with green stars, a strange segmented blue object, with what appears to be a Pac-Man-style sun behind a mountain or temple, with a large diagonal line on the opposite side of it, starts flying around until it rests in the middle of the screen. The text "Mexcinema video corp" zooms out, also in blue. A gold copyright date appears below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth bassline, that segues into a faster-paced disco tune when the company name appears.

Availability: Appears on Mexcinema prints of Bloodlust and Panic Beats, among other titles.

2nd Logo (1990s?)

Visuals: The sequence starts out with a zoom in on a CGI temple, going down a path surrounded by foilage and with hills in the background. Once the camera stops zooming, the sun come up behind it. The outline of the temple turns into 4 trapezoids, four of which are bigger as it goes down and the final one with two triangle pieces missing, resembling an "M". Then the sun shoots towards the screen, turning the entire screen white for a bit, and a calm,cloudy background zooms in quickly. The same logo from before, but in a shiny blue color and slightly redesigned features, flies and turns to the center of the screen. Once it stops, the company name pans in, and the logo shines, ending with the copyright symbols appearing as the logo ends.

Variant: There is an alternate variant where the camera zooms away from the temple (possibly an animation mistake or a prototype version). Other than that and the sun coming up later, the logo acts out the same way.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation and CGI.

Audio: A synth tune with an explosion sound, ending with a four-note triumphant synth tune.

Availability: Appears on Mexcinema prints of Pieces, Lily C.A.T. and Pedro Navaja, among other titles.

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