Barr Entertainment

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Logo (Late 1980s-mid 1990s)

Visuals: On a blue starry background, the golden word "BARR", in an wide font, zooms out from the left side of the screen. Following in behind, a large black slate is seen behind the logo, as well as the letters of "ENTERTAINMENT" facing their sides. As the logo tilts into position, the letters face the screen and the logo remains still and shines, before it eventually flips over to its blank side and fills the screen with black.

Variants: A version has "MEDIA GROUP" instead appearing below.

Technique: '80s CGI.

Audio: It begins with a synth chord as a whoosh is combined with it, later followed by a looping synth piano-glockenspiel arpeggio in Bb major. Two synth violin notes can also be heard. The Barr Media Group logo has a soft synth plucking tune with flutes and a flourish for the logo shining.

Availability: Should be available on all tapes with the Barr Entertainment label while taking over for KVC Home Video (formely Kartes Video Communications). It was also seen on Charlie Brown videos and on the VHS reprint of A Farewell to Arms.

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