Kid Pics

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Kid Pics was a division of Amvest Video, a "fly by night" public domain video company. The company is mostly known for their infamous host, The Happy Hamster, who is seen by many as creepy. It has been said one of their tapes was recorded on a hardcore pornographic movie, due to the fact Kid Pics used recycled VHS tapes for footage (the source of that saying is unknown). Amvest went under around 1990.

Logo (1987-1990?)

Visuals: On a white background are the words "KID PICS" in a bold sans-serif font, with each letter playfully askew and a different color (red, blue, yellow, or green), coming out of a light blue television screen-like shape, leaving a dark trail. The logo is shiny, with sparkles on it and a faint yellow glow around it.

Technique: Just a fade in and out.

Audio: A snippet of "Washington Post" by Paul Eakins.

Availability: Seen on public domain VHSes located around Rahway, New Jersey including compilation tapes featuring Flip the Frog, Casper and Friends, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and many more.

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