SISU Home Entertainment

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SISU Home Entertainment was a children's video distributor that distributed Hebrew shows, most notably Shalom Sesame (a.k.a. The Hebrew Sesame Street). In 2011, the company was closed.

Logo (1990s?-2011)

Visuals: Over a blue outer space background is some stars flying past by. Then a golden disc appears from the top right, flipping, then places in the center as it stops flipping. It zooms in, then the words appear letter-by-letter "SISU" as two letters S flipping. Then the words "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" zoom out and place underneath the word "SISU". The URL address for SISU appears letter-by-letter as the words "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" shine to the right.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An ambient synth fanfare, apparently having some background hissing.

Availability: Can be seen on the Shalom Sesame DVD Volumes and probably on other releases as well.

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