Happy Face Home Video

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Happy Face Home Video was the public domain family/kids VHS distributor. It was said to be a division of similarly said Happy Face Productions, although this is unknown. The company was founded in 1985.

Logo (1986-1988)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a strange lined iris transition (with a lined circle zooming in, then back out again) revealing a large, detailed tan-colored circle with a cheery face looking directly at us sitting on top of a golden ribbon banner reading 'HAPPY●FACE' in a serif font with two other black circles on both sides of the banner, all on a white background. Below the design is 'HOME VIDEO'. The same transition from before (this time in reverse) wipes the logo off the screen.

Variant: Sometimes, the logo simply fades to black.

Technique: Grass Valley 300 production switcher effects.

Audio: It might vary depending on the video. On Classic Cartoons releases, a bombastic brass fanfare plays, which was taken from the vintage Paramount cartoon "Christmas Comes But Once a Year", albeit low-pitched.

Availability: Seen on Classic Cartoons Volume 1 through 9. It was also seen on other public domain tapes distributed from the company.

Legacy: This logo has been known to unnerve some due to the large face and the bombastic music.

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